About Socialists’ victory in the city, resonance box of other elections and Moldovan mass-media degeneration


IPN flow summary for November 4, 2019

When a plus and a plus make a minus

Oleg Sternioală, judge of the Supreme Court of Justice, was detained for 72 hours. The criminal prosecution body suspects that the difference of about 6.7 million between the judge's income and expenses represents illicit assets which have been concealed.

Comrade has become mayor

The Socialist Ion Ceban won the Chisinau mayor race with 52.39% of the votes. MP of PAS group, ACUM bloc, Vladimir Bolea, argues that the score obtained by the candidate Andrei Nastase is not the one expected by the party. Prime Minister Maia Sandu has declared that she will respect the choice made by the inhabitants of the capital.

Political analysts about Ion Ceban’s victory

"Ion Ceban is not a typical left-wing politician who is strictly advocating for pro-Russian geopolitical issues. On the contrary, he tried to pivot to the center, and approached the city from the administrative perspective," believes political analyst Ion Tăbârță.

His guild colleague Anatol Țăranu maintains that Andrei Năstase failed due to the right-wing electorate's disappointment, especially of the unionist segment, generated by the alliance between the ACUM bloc and the PSRM. „Andrei Năstase lost the confrontation with Ion Ceban on issues related to managerial capabilities and knowledge of Chișinău's problems", said Anatol Țăranu.

Political scientist Victor Stepaniuc specifies "When Andrei Năstase quit his position of deputy prime minister after four months, without achieving visible results, some voters presumed that he is actually trying to trampoline himself into the upcoming presidential race."

Reportedly, it exists

Real media can't sustain itself without the help of external donors and journalism as a profession and product cannot develop. Moldova dropped ten positions this year in the Press Freedom Index, ranking 91st out of 180 countries. The statements were made at the Mass-Media Forum that takes place between November 4 and 5. TV8 television station was nominated by the Press Council winner of the contest for the National Award for Journalistic Ethics and Professional Deontology, 2019 edition.

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