About exaggerated heat bills, ordeal of state of emergency and dilemma either to work or not


IPN flow synopsis for March 18, 2020

Friend in need is a friend indeed

The Government of the People’s Republic of China will offer Moldova assistance that includes devices and consumables for national health facilities. The consignment consists of over 1,000 COVID-19 diagnostic tests, 100,000 protection respirators, 500 infrared thermometers, 1,000 pairs of medical glasses, etc.

Coronavirus: six new cases of infection

With the local transmission of the infection, particular freedoms should be limited in the people’s interests. I’m confident that the Government will act in the people’s interests. If it is necessary, we will return, analyze and adopt regulations,” stated Democratic MP Ruxanda Glavan. Minister Viorica Dumbrăveanu confirmed 30 cases of infection with COVID, 18 being cases of import (persons who returns from Italy, France, the UK, and Switzerland). 76 persons, 14 of whom are children, are suspected of being infected with COVID-19.  As many as 11,200 persons are under the supervision of family doctors at home. A woman aged 61, who was in a serious state, died recently at the National Clinical Hospital.

In absence of radiator meters, month is calculated as having 32-36 days

The National Agency for Energy Regulation filed a lawsuit against the Chisinau heat supplier SA Termoelectrica. It established that the invoicing period for this January was 32-36 days on average. This runs counter to the regulations on the supply of heat, which provide that the heat consumption should be invoiced monthly.

Nothing “swift” and “necessary” from CES?

The declaring of a state of emergency enables the authorities to swiftly take the necessary measures that do not include other restriction and actions than those set by decision of the Commission for Exceptional Situations (CES). All the Commission’s decisions will be made public and intensely disseminated. The state of emergency declared for 60 days could mean an attempt to prevent the legislative body from exercising parliamentary control and to give a free hand to the executive and particular abuses could be committed in the period. According to Alexandru Slusari, the Government not only changed the period from 30 to 60 days overnight, but also requested Parliament to adopt a relevant decision being fully unprepared.

Fines, harmful business

Recently, the Contravention Code was supplemented with a new article concerning the non-observance of the measures to prevent and combat epidemic diseases. If there is a danger to public health, the fine is of 22,000 to 25,000 lei for private individuals and of 50,000 to 75,000 lei for legal entities. Fines of at most 25,000 lei are imposed on those who intentionally present false or incomplete personal data in epidemiological forms or refuse to complete these.

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