About Brussels that is not Ghizdita, unjustified subsidies to carriers and rose that is withering


IPN flow synopsis for February 20, 2020

Brussels “misinformed” by His Excellences?

While in Chisinau, high-ranking EU official Luc Devigne said the EU expects the national authorities to further deal with corruption, to ensure the de-politicization of state institutions so as to this way strengthen the rule of law.  It is expected that the measures to fight fraudulent schemes will be stepped up and that steps will be taken to solve the bank fraud. It is not normal for the European partners to hear only excuses and pretexts in five years, after such a thorough investigation conducted by Kroll. It is not normal that no decisions were taken and this fact points to a problem in the judicial system, stated Luc Devigne.

They tried hard to keep up until 14.06.2019

“We were near the PDM in the hardest moments. We didn’t leave the party when this was close to coming to power, when the PDM was in a difficult situation,” Vladimir Cebotari said, referring to the leaving of the six MPs.

It is evident that someone will only gain from this turbulence and this is the Party of Socialists that now uses the practice and instruments applied by the PDM in relation to the Party of Communists. This is revenge,” noted PPDA MP Igor Munteanu.

Hundreds of millions of lei coming out…

The chairman of the Board of the Employers Association of Motor Transport Operators Oleg Alexa said he doubts a number of data from the reports of municipal transport enterprises and the correctness of providing subsidies for transporting passengers who travel free. According to the estimates of private carriers, the Urban Bus Company can ask for at most 70 million lei subsidies, while the Chisinau Electric Transport Company cannot justify at least 100 million lei. “If this sum of 381 million lei is kept in subsidies for all the three categories, theoretically it could be enough for the minibuses to transport passengers free, as the buses do,” stated Oleg Alexa.

The managers of minibus routes intend to mount protests if they are not invited to a dialogue at the Chisinau City Hall.

Complain after choking the press with the tariff

“Chisinau cannot exist without the press. This appeal is a call to the authorities. The uncertain situation in which the periodicals are now is indescribable,” said Moldpresa Grup SRL vice director Adrian Racu. On the pretext of working out a new conception for the work of retail outlets, stopped extending, at least provisionally (until the new conception is adopted), the periods of validity of the schemes of the kiosks selling newspapers and periodicals.

The world is not as beautiful

MPs of the Party “Dignity and Truth Platform” (PPPDA) said their legislative proposals are blocked in breach of the Parliament’s Regulations. In a press briefing, Vasile-Andrei Năstase said the inclusion of the draft decision concerning the adoption of a statement on political cases started against persons persecuted by the oligarchic regime in the agenda of the Parliament’s sitting was put off again. Igor Munteanu expressed his disapproval of the attempt to delay the preparation of the bill on deooffshorization for the second reading. “The same position is adopted in the case of the “Magnitsky law”,” said the MP.

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