About 44,000 budget sector employees to get higher salaries in 2020


Approximately 44,000 budget sector employees in 2020 will benefit from pay raises ranging from 8% to 63%. The bill to amend the law on the common salary system in the budget sector was given a first reading by Parliament, IPN reports.

“The bill implies costs estimated at 372 million lei a year and the given expenses were planned in the 2020 state budget and in the medium term for 2021-2022,” stated Minister of Finance Sergey Pușcuța.

The about 17,500 teachers and educators will get pay raises of 750 to 980 lei, while the approximately 4,000 directors and vice directors of early education and preschool, secondary, lyceum and vocational education institutions of 820 to 2,660 lei.

The salaries of the about 13,900 cooks, nannies and social assistants working in education and social assistance will be raised by 350-530 lei, while of mayors and deputy mayors of towns and villages with a population of up to 20,000 by 1,320-1,920 lei.

The almost 1,500 personnel units from the penitentiary system similar to the posts existing in the public order and state security sector will benefit from raises of 1,000 to 2,000 lei and the holders of honorific titles will also get higher bonuses. There will be introduced an annual award equal to 50% of the main salary.