About 1,000 street dogs to be neutered by this yearend


Aproximately 1,000 street dogs would be sterilized in Chisinau this year. The municipality will select through competition a company that will be responsible for capturing stray animals and will conduct a campaign to encourage the adoption of stray animals,  IPN reports.

Ruslan Darie, acting head of the municipal enterprise “Supervision and Protection of Animals” , said that stray dogs are sterilized, dewormed and placed at the municipal shelter. The records are  kept according to an electronic register.

In 2023, the enterprise examined 340 petitions from citizens and various institutions. There were issued 517 intervention orders to capture dogs. In total, 1,330 stray dogs were captured and 48 of them were adopted. A number of 166 stray dogs were placed at the Necropolis because, under the current regulations, stray dogs taken from near educational institutions, playgrounds and parks cannot be returned to their habitat. Other dogs, if they aren’t aggressive, after sterilization are kept for up to 14 days at the Necropolis and are then released into their habitat.