A mass-media organization is not satisfied by how the ACC members were elected


The Independent Journalism Center (IJC) is surprised and troubled by the way the ACC members were elected, as the media organizations suggestions were almost completely ignored, states a declaration of the mentioned organization. The cited document states that the file of the journalist Corina Fusu, IJC candidate for the selection competition of the Audiovisual Coordinative Council members, has not been considered by the parliamentary Committee for culture, science, education and youth because of reasons named by the Committee councilor Gheorghe Madan as „internal disorganization”. The mentioned declaration specifies that IJC deposited the file of Corina Fusu at the Parliament on October 10 2006, at 10:00, while councilor Gheorghe Madan states that the application was received by him on October 11 2006, and thus too late. IJC is outraged by the careless and disdainful attitude of the Parliament employees. By ignoring the applications deposited on October 10 2006 the Parliament violated the juridical responsibilities it undertook and demonstratively neglected the civil society, the declaration states. Requested by Info-Prim Neo, Madan confirmed that the file reached the committee on October 11, after the meeting. He stated he doesn’t know the cause of this delay. The mass-media committee selected on Thursday, October 12, the 9 ACC members that will be forwarded to the Parliament for approval. In the parliament plenary meeting several deputies expressed their discontent on how the candidates were selected, and on the selected members. Deputy Dumitru Diacov requested the re-examination of the candidatures in the committee.