99.44% of reports processed: PAS – 52.4%, BeCS – 27.3%, PPȘ – 5.7%


With 99.44% or 2,138 election reports being processed, the Party of Action and Solidarity (PAS) is shown to have polled 52.49% of the vote, the Electoral Bloc of the Communists and the Socialists (BeCS) – 27.39%, while the Shor Party (PPȘ) – 5.78%, IPN reports.

In the municipality of Chisinau, with 304 election reports being counted, PAS is shown to have won 56.77% of the ballot, BeCS – 28.4%, while the Shor Party – 3.63%.

Outside the country, there were processed 137 election reports of 150. PAS gained 85.93%, BeCS – 2.84%, PPPDA – 2.83%, BeCS – 2.55%.

The voter turnout is 44.56% or 1,265 million electors. Over 212,000 Moldovans voted abroad. The electoral race involved 23 contestants – 20 parties, two electoral blocs and an independent candidate.

The election threshold for a party is 5%, for an electoral bloc is 7%, while for an independent candidate is 2%. The seats that were to be distributed to the election contenders that didn’t pass the election threshold will be redistributed proportionally to the contenders that passed the threshold.