61 MPs of PSRM and Bloc ACUM cannot guarantee election of Speaker, opinion


The 61 MPs of the Party of Socialists and the Bloc ACUM, if they decide to launch the procedure for electing the Parliament Speaker, cannot guarantee the election of a common candidate. More MPs are needed as the vote is secret and not all the MPs could vote in favor, director of the Institute for Strategic Initiatives Andrei Popov was quoted by IPN as saying in the program “Emphasis on today” on TVR Moldova channel.

Andrei Popov noted he expects the Party “Dignity and Truth Platform” to take a decision that will be solidary with that of the PAS, which decided to support a Socialist nominee for Speaker.

He stated that several more MPs are needed for voting in a Parliament Speaker so as secure support for this candidate.  As the ballot is secret, some of the Socialists could vote against in order to compromise the agreement. “This would explain the suspicious calmness shown by Vladimir Plahotniuc and the Democratic Party. If real anti-oligarchic tactical cooperation is established between the Bloc ACUM with 26 MPs and the Socialists with 35 MPs, the consequences could be rather unpleasant for the Democrats. The thwarting of the vote would be the first and immediate retaliation measure with big chances of being successful,” stated Andrei Popov.

Political commentator Corneliu Ciurea said he expected such a decision from the Party “Dignity and Truth Platform” rather than from the Party “Action and Solidarity”. “I thought the PAS was more focused on consistency in politics and was driven more by political idealism. This decision can be also interpreted from the angle of idealism – we do everything possible to remove the dictator,” stated the commentator, adding this decision by the PAS is very controversial and with a lot of vulnerabilities.

Mayor of Capaclia village of Cantemir district Alexandru Busuioc said he was surprised by the PAS’s decision because the PAS and the PPDA went together in a bloc until now. The situation is now unclear for the local public authorities, especially for the mayors who are pressed. “I hope this is a balanced, well-thought-out decision coordinated with the foreign partners,” stated the mayor, adding he considers snap parliamentary elections will be anyway held.

On June 5, the National Political Council of the PAS decided it will vote for the Socialist Party’s nominee for Parliament Speaker by a 46 to 1 vote. The Party “Dignity and Truth Platform” announced it decided to convoke its National Political Council for June 6 to discuss the issue.