€5.4M grant for solid waste management infrastructure in northern Moldova


Moldova will receive a €5.4 million grant to develop solid waste management infrastructure in four northern districts, Briceni, Ocnița, Edineț, and Dondușeni, after Parliament ratified an agreement to this effect with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

Minister of the Environment Sergiu Lazarencu said that €4.04 million euros will be used to build waste management facilities, including a landfill and composting station in Dondușeni city, and a transfer station in the cities of Edineț and Briceni. The remainder will be used to buy equipment and goods for the waste treatment and disposal facility in Dondușeni, and equipment and goods for the transfer stations in Edineț and Briceni.

The grant will be directed for implementation to the Moldova Solid Waste Project. Earlier this year, an agreement was concluded with the EBRD for €25 million loan maturing in 15 years and a grace period of four years.

The Moldova Solid Waste Project will be implemented until 2027 and involves the construction of solid waste management infrastructure, purchases of equipment and machinery for transport, sorting, recycling and composting, and discontinuation of unauthorized dumpsters.