200 residential building repaired in Chisinau through municipal program


Two hundred residential blocks in Chisinau have been fully repaired since the launch of the municipal program two years ago. The works focused on the renovation of damaged roofs, engineering networks in places of common use and on the replacement of windows in staircases, IPN reports.

The head of the General Housing and Amenities Division Ion Burdiumov said the repair works are planned to continue this year. Together with the entry into force of the Condominium Law in 2022, interventions in residential buildings are allowed only through municipal programs. Until now the Division was allowed to intervene based on requests from dwellers of blocks, but now it can intervene only through municipal programs.

In addition to repairing the blocks, the program to close waste tubes where they are left will continue. A sum of 6 million lei was allocated for the purpose this year. The waste tubes in residential buildings will be sealed up and waste accumulation platforms will be set up in yards, in places where waste trucks of “Autosalubritate” Company can collect the waste.