13 ministries instead of 9. Four ministries to be reorganized


The Cabinet proposed by Natalia Gavrilița will have 13 ministries instead of 9, as until now. Four of the existing ministries will be reformed, IPN reports.

The Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Protection will be divided into the Ministry of Health led by presidential adviser Ala Nemerenco and the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection managed by the director general of Syndex România, expert Marcel Spatari.

The Ministry of Education, Culture and Research will be separated into the Ministry of Education headed by Anatolie Topală and the Ministry of Culture managed by film director and producer Sergiu Prodan.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development will be reorganized into the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry led by agricultural expert Viorel Gherciu and the Ministry of Environment managed by environmental activist Iuliana Cantaragiu.

The Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure will turn into the Ministry of Infrastructure and Regional Development led by secretary general of the presidential administrator Andrei Spînu and the Ministry of Economy managed by “Expert-Grup” economic policy program director Sergiu Gaibu.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration will be managed by foreign policy expert Nicu Popescu, the Ministry of Justice by PAS MP Sergiu Litvinenco, the Ministry of Defense by service member Anatolie Nosatyi, the Ministry of Homer Affairs by presidential adviser Ana Revenco, the Ministry of Finance by economist Dumitru Budianschi. The Reintegration Policies Bureau will be headed by ex-adviser on foreign policy and strategic planning in the Government of Maia Sandu Vlad Kulminski. The new post of deputy prime minister for digitalization will be occupied by digitization expert Iurie Țurcanu.

The Prime Minister designate on August 3 submitted the file of the new Government that includes the government program and the Cabinet members to the Parliament’s secretariat. PAS candidate Natalia Gavrilița was designated for Prime Minister by a decree signed by President Maia Sandu on July 30. Natalia Gavrilița’s Cabinet can be voted in by a majority of votes. PAS has an absolute majority of 63 seats of MP.