President signed decree appointing Alexandr Stoianoglo new General Prosecutor

President Igor Dodon signed Alexandr Stoianoglo's appointment decree. According to the head of state, "the General Prosecutor's Office will be granted full independence, and all related processes will be free of influence from politics".

"With the power vested in me to appoint the General Prosecutor, I agreed with the decision of the Superior Council of Prosecutors, taken following the contest legally held within the parameters of democracy and the rule of law", said the president, who had today, November 29, a meeting with Alexandr Stoianoglo.

Igor Dodon said that "the General Prosecutor is the representative of legality and bears the obligation of devotion to the homeland. The General Prosecutor is a responsible person with integrity and moral qualities, which implies that he will have to fulfill society's expectations with great tact". "He must handle with great tact the resonance cases regarding the devaluation of the banking system, the laundromat phenomenon and other economic crimes that disturbed the national financial-banking system".

After a full day dedicated to the interview of the four candidates for the position of General Prosecutor, on Thursday evening, the CSP announced that Alexandr Stoianogolo received the most points, namely 74.22. Alexandr Stoianogolo told the press that he is ready to take responsibility for solving the problems existing in the prosecution system. According to him, in order to fight corruption in the system, which is of great public interest, it is necessary to monitor the lifestyles of the prosecutors and their families, then to compare incomes and expenses. Alexandr Stoianoglo added that he is not politically affiliated and that he is an independent person.

Alexandr Stoianoglo served as a prosecutor in UTA Găgăuzia between 1995 and 2001. Between 2001 and 2007 he held the position of deputy General Prosecutor at the General Prosecutor's Office, while between 2007 and 2009 he worked as a lawyer. In the period between 2009 - 2010 and 2011 - 2014, he was a Member of Parliament on behalf of the Democratic Party.

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