President Sandu promulgates law naming official language as Romanian across legislation

President Maia Sandu has promulgated the law that introduces the phrase “Romanian language” across the national legislation. According to her, this law confirms a historical and indisputable truth that the official language of the Republic of Moldova is Romanian.

“I want the Romanian language to unite all of us who live here and who love this land. We, along with more than twenty-seven million people around the world, speak Romanian, one of the official languages of the European Union”, President Sandu was quoted in a press release.

“Those who have been telling us for decades that we the citizens of the Republic of Moldova speak the ‘Moldovan’ language instead of Romanian, they pursued only one goal, to divide us. And this is because, once you have divided a nation, you can subjugate and control it more easily. A divided nation0is not a united force that can protect itself. Those who tried to divide us weren’t concerned about linguistics, but how to keep Moldova stuck in an eternal national quarrel”, stated Maia Sandu.

The president believes that the Romanian language should be the catalyst for the consolidation of society, and for this it must be respected and, of course, learned and spoken by all citizens. “I am very happy today when I meet young people of different ethnicities who speak Romanian very well. We can all support this effort so that, united, we can direct our energy towards the construction of a common future in the European Union, where all languages are respected and protected”, said Maia Sandu.

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