PPPDA warns: Ship at Giurgiulești port is ready to be loaded with wheat for export

Alexandru Slusari, vice president of the PPPDA, broadcast live from the Giurgiulești port, relating that a ship hired by a company of the group “Transoil” docked in the port and is ready to be loaded with wheat for export. Alexandru Slusari said the PPPDA warned about these risks and asked the President and the Government to urgently intervene so as to impose a ban on the export of wheat, but nothing than electoral PR was witnessed and the country’s security is now in danger, IPN reports, quoting a press release of the PPPDA.

Alexandru Slusari said that of the almost 17 tonnes of wheat that are now in the port, which are mainly part of the state reserve, a particular quantity is to be exported. “Amid the inaction of the rulers and the doubtful acts of Vaja Jhashi, the wheat could be exported. “Agrofloris-Nord”, which forms part of “Transoil”, intends to export a part of the wheat. This cannot be yet done as the National Food Safety Agency hasn’t issued the permissive documents,” stated Slusari.

He noted the certificates concerning the 17 tonnes of wheat that are now in the port could be false as they indicate that the wheat dates from 2020, while the wheat from the state reserve is of the 2016 harvest.

“The situation concerning the food necessities in the country is not as those who deny the shortage of wheat assert. In March-April already, there were exported over 30,000 tonnes of wheat. Another 20,000 tonnes of wheat will be taken out of the state reserve this week,” said Alexandru Slusari, noting a large part of this wheat is requested by the animal-breeding companies, as they do not have what to feed the animals on, and also by bakery companies, which shows that there is not enough wheat and the export should be banned right away.

The vice president of the PPPDA noted the lobby operations in favor of Vaja Jhashi, who also has American nationality, are multiple in number and the schemes by which the wheat is released from the state reserve and exported and is then reintroduced into the circuit will bring considerable profit to this, but will impoverish the country.

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