PPPDA MPs seek detailed report on crime situation from interior minister

A group of MPs of the Party “Dignity and Truth Platform” (PPPDA) request Minister of the Interior Pavel Voicu to present a detailed report on the crime situation in the country to the national commission on national security, defense and public order next week. They also call on the commission’s chairman Alexandru Jizdan to convoke the commission, IPN reports.

According to the MPs, ‘a red code for crime situation’ has been witnessed in Moldova since the start of the year. PPPDA MP Vasile Năstase said the road accidents situation is not better. The year 2020 started with a number of crimes committed all over the country, in Bălți, Ialoveni and Criuleni. Also, about 300 persons die annually in accidents on the national roads.

MP Stela Macari said the man who shot three persons in Mălăiești village of Criuleni district, wounding them seriously, held the gun and a grenade illegally and this is shocking. “We found out form particular sources that the person bought the gun from another person who didn’t have ownership documents. We can draw the conclusion that the guns held by private individuals in Moldova are not strictly monitored and the persons can anytime purchase guns and enter the category of potential criminals,” stated the MP.

Liviu Vovc said he has many questions about the beating to death of a young man in Costești, Ialoveni. “Why wasn’t the young man involved in the murder held accountable so far if he has a criminal past? Was the police at the scene that evening? Why wasn’t anyone arrested that night? Why was the involved minor arrested in ten days?” asked the MP. He said he wrote seven requests for information in this case.

MP Kiril Moțpan said something like this happens because the police are unable to control the situation. The captive legal system that often works in the interests of its representatives is a catalyst for the serious crime situation. The incapacity of the police to prevent crime risk cases or to at least intervene promptly is a major obstacle to improving the situation. “Regrettably, the current Government is unable to stop the avalanche of crimes and road accidents or at least to take real steps to stop such developments,” he stated.

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