PPPDA calls on voters in Hâncești to support Grigore Cobzac

The Party “Dignity and Truth Platform” (PPPDA) calls upon the voters in Hâncești to support Grigore Cobzac in the March 15 parliamentary elections. The party issued a press release containing the call following internal consultations, especially with the local bodies and the political council of the Hâncești local organization, IPN reports.

According to the PPPDA, Grigore Cobzac represents the ideals of freedom, welfare, justice and the democratic values the best. He is an upright and professional, pro-EU candidate who will not allow the votes to be dispersed and pulverized and will lay the foundations of a nationwide unity movement.

The party says it cannot ignore the fact that Grigore Cobzac was the common candidate of the anti-oligarchic forces in the ordinary parliamentary elections of February 24, 2019 in constituency No. 38 and enjoyed the people’s support in non-free and unequal elections, polling over 33% of the vote.

The PPPDA noted it decided not to field an own candidate in these elections, calling on all the center-right democratic forces to unite as they must win the elections in Hâncești so as to create the necessary and sufficient conditions for a movement of unity of the center-right forces. It underlined that the vote there will be for distancing oneself from the danger posed by Igor Dodon and his political marionettes.

“The results of these elections will help us understand which are the real interests of the party leaders and political parties of the center-right,” runs the press release.

In a post on Facebook, Grigore Cobzac wrote that he welcomes the PPPDA’s decision. He said he is a local and knows the voters there and the voters there know him. He didn’t change his beliefs and is consistent, but has more experience now. The decisions taken by the PPPDA and the National Unity Party fuel his hope that a common pro-European candidate will be ultimately identified. “I’m convinced that it is still possible and the residents of Hâncești welcome this. I confirm my readiness to have a dialogue with all the candidates with European aspirations,” he wrote.

Six candidates for MP in single-member constituency No. 38 Hâncești have been registered so far. These are: Ion Mereuță, of the Democratic Party, Ștefan Gațcan, of the Party of Socialists, Olesea Stamate, of the Action and Solidarity Party, Dorin Chirtoacă, of the UNION Electoral Bloc, Vitalie Balinski, of the Shor Party, and independent Grigore Cobzac. A decision is yet to be taken as regards the applicant representing the Liberal Democratic Party Anatolie Postolaki.

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