Population of stray dogs remains large despite the sterilization programs

The problem of stray dogs remains acute in Chisinau. People complain almost on daily basis that they are being attacked by animals. The acting head of „Autosalubritate” Directorate, Eugeniu Axentiev, argues that his employees pick up dogs from the street upon the citizens’ requests. But since there are too many animals, they have nowhere to take them, releasing them on other streets. Eugeniu Axentiev believes that the problem will not be solved as long as there is no shelter to which animals can be taken, IPN reports.

At the meeting of the Chisinau Municipal Council, Eugeniu Axentiev, has stated that, from the beginning of this year, the employees of "Autosalubritate" have taken almost three thousand stray dogs from the streets. Over a thousand of them were sterilized and returned to the street. The sterilization center can accommodate 250 dogs, but there are already over 300 animals on its premises. Sterilization programs have not changed the situation. The population of stray dogs is still very large, estimated at 20 thousand dogs.

Eugeniu Axentiev also said that a regulation approved in September by the former composition of the CMC prohibits the capture of dogs without a mandate issued by the new service set up under the DGLCA. Similarly, a six-member team is required to catch an animal, which is impossible to ensure. Eugeniu Axentiev called for the decision to be reviewed.

Roman Trahman, head of the Center for dogs’ sterilization, has noted that the problem persists because for more than 20 years no action has been taken to solve it. He asked councilors to identify a land plot for sheltering the dogs.

Ion Ciobanu, PL councilor, believes that it would be necessary to build a shelter for each sector, while the sterilization should be continued.

„Autosalubritate” employees are not adequately equipped to catch dogs, noted animal rights activist Karl Luganov. There is a need to change the way in which this is done, by exchanging experience with animal catching services in other states. An international organization has shown its willingness to help us to estimate the real population of dogs.

The only center for sterilization of stray dogs in Chisinau was opened at the end of 2018. The investment of the municipality constituted about 400 thousand lei.


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