PONA leader calls on citizens to vote for PPPDA

The leader of the Party for People, Nature and Animals (PONA) Ion Dron made a public call to the citizens, including the undecided ones, urging them to vote for the Party “Dignity and Truth Platform” in the snap parliamentary elections of July 11 as they embrace the same traditional values as PONA, namely the family, church, homeland, customs and community, IPN reports.

During a short parliamentary mandate, the PPPDA MPs drafted the largest number of bills, including bills to support the national producers and investors. The MPs of this party deserve special respect as they made an effort to ensure 50% of the products on store shelves are national ones and this effort should be completed, Ion Dron stated in a news conference at IPN.

The head of the Party for People, Nature and Animals said PONA signed an agreement with PPPDA. Under this, if PPPDA enters the next Parliament, its MPs will promote a law on animal protection as PONA has struggled for seven years to obtain such a law. “This is a law in whose absence Moldova continues to remain in the medieval period in this regard,” stated the PONA leader.

Ion Dron called upon the undecided voters to go to the polls on July 11. “On July 11, we must vote out of duty. On July 11, we will take an intelligence test as history teaches us and we are obliged to learn. We didn’t succeed and didn’t make progress because there was one person or one party in power in the Republic of Moldova. On the contrary, the most shameful and devastating thefts were committed when a single person and a single party ruled. A representative Parliament and a coalition government are effective for an authentic democracy. These are values typical of developed Western democracies,” stated Ion Dron.

A vote for PPPDA now means a vote for representative democracy and for a coalition government. On the other hand, it is a vote against single-person and single-party dictatorship, concluded the leader of the Party for People, Nature and Animals.

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