Politicians use simple language to win votes, opinion

Some of the politicians use simple language so that the people regard them as closer to them. Being closer to the people, for the politicians means more votes, considers the chairwoman of the National Liberal Party Vitalia Pavlichenko. Related statements were made in public debates centering on political culture that were organized by Info-Prim Neo News Agency. “During many years it has been thought that Vladimir Voronin is closer to the people and the people understand him because he speaks a comprehensible language. The people considered him their representative and voted for him, but they did not know about the embezzlement of public money and state property. They started to say that Mihai Ghimpu, as an opposite of such a model, is also understood by the people, because he speaks a simple language,” said Vitalia Pavlichenko. She also said that being closer to the people, for the politicians, who are hypocritical, means more votes. “The politicians and their parties do not cultivate society and the party members, but use the people in order to remain in power,” stated the leader of the National-Liberals. As to the discriminatory and racist statements, Vitalia Pavlichenko said that the press should also react in such cases and be more acid and active. According to her, the press should contribute to the improvement of the situation by tackling these statements from another angle. She considers that no changes can take place now as many of the media outlets promote the interests of the parties that do not want to cultivate society. The debates themed “What do politicians think about us, society, when they throw eggs, harsh replies and offensive words at each other? What do we, society, think about this type of political relations?” form part of the Development of Political Culture through Public Debates Project that is supported by the German foundation Hanns Seidel.

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