Politicians have not yet decided whether they are rivals or associates, opinion

The Moldovan politicians, especially the former ruling alliance colleagues, present themselves in public as opponents, but should present themselves as associates. They haven’t yet decided what they are – rivals or associates – and the crisis solving process keeps the people in suspense. This situation is a lesson for the politicians, who can be penalized by the people by vote, Iuliana Cantaragiu, expert of the National Environment Center and chairwoman of the National NGO Council, said in the debate ”Culture of political crisis: views and roles of civil society organizations in the process of overcoming and communication with society”, staged by IPN.

”Any type of crisis appears when the sides cannot come to terms. So, the political crisis arouse because three parties do not have a common goal. In this case, the conflicts of interests cause ruptures. When we want to solve a crisis, we have dialogue. The negotiations now are less public, but they promised that the next alliance constitution agreement will be made known,” said Iuliana Cantaragiu.

She also said that any action provokes impertinent and inappropriate public statements. The politicians are not concerned about the worries of society. Iuliana Cantaragiu gave as example the recent forum of the youth centering on the situation of the Byk River. Young people collected signatures and attached them to an invitation to Mayor of Chisinau Dorin Chirtoaca and acting Minister of the Environment Gheorghe Salaru. But none of them came to the forum. “The politicians support only ideas that suit them, not the interests of society,” said the civil society representative.

She considers that all the processes in Moldova are now suspended. “The EU is waiting to see how the political crisis will be solved. It is a lesson for the politicians. The European partners want to see how they will pass the test and what they will learn,” said Iuliana Cantaragiu, adding that the conflict between the politicians reached its peak and is now a conflict of egos. She also said that the political leaders should review their opinions and goals and represent the people, not themselves.

The debate ”Culture of political crisis: views and roles of civil society organizations in the process of overcoming and communication with society” is the 15th of the series of public debates held by IPN News Agency within the project “Development of political culture by public debates”. The project is supported by Hanns Seidel Foundation.

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