Political responsibility should be borne for accident at Termoelectrica, opinions

If it is determined that the accident at Termoelectrica was intentionally hidden from the senior administration of the country, the company’s manager and the minister in charge of the area should be dismissed, said political commentator Valeriu Pașa. According to him, the hiding of the accident at the heat and power supplier Termoelectrica while Moldova is under a state of emergency should be harshly penalized. For their part, representatives of the Party of Action and Solidarity said that an investigation was launched into this case and those to blame for that incident will be identified, IPN reports.

WatchDog expert Valeriu Pașa said the administration of Termoelectrica and Minister of Infrastructure Andrei Spînu should be dismissed after energy block No. 3 of Termoelectrica broke down shortly after being extensively repaired.

“Technical experts should pronounce on the cause of this accident. The requirements and work acceptance document should be analyzed. Time will show if it is sabotage or not, but such a coincidence attracts attention given the energy situation in our country. But the fact that those from Termoelectrica hid the problem from the country’s administration is more than negligence. This is very serious. It is grave when the Prime Minister learns about this accident from the press. The manager of Termoelectrica and the minister in charge keep their posts. Why does Mister Spînu still hold the post? Why no one bears responsibility,” Valeriu Pașa stated in the program “Secrets of the Power” on JurnalTV channel.

For his part, the head of the Parliament’s commission on security, national defense and public order Lilian Carp said that according to representatives of Termoelectrica, such accidents take place frequently. Therefore, the company’s administration didn’t consider it opportune to inform the high-ranking officials of the state.

“The Prosecutor’s Office should supervise such tender contests so as to see if the legal principles are respected. According to my information, those from Termoelectrica didn’t inform about the accident as they considered this is an operational matter. Such situations were witnessed the previous years too, but there were three blocks earlier and if one block broke down, the other two blocks functioned,” said PAS MP Lilian Carp.

“I’m surprised at the easiness with which this case is neglected and at the spluttering of the Prime Minister, with all respect for the distinguished lady. It is outrageous that a commission was constituted of people from Termoelectrica. Only experts from Horus were to be included. It is political vulnerability. It is known very well who is in charge of the given area - Andrei Spînu. He should assume responsibility for what is going on,” stated ex-MP Iurie Reniță.

Energy block No. 3 of Termoelectrica broke down in only several weeks of the completion of extensive repair works on it. The works were executed by Horus – an entity affiliated to the Russian company Silovye Mashiny that is on the Western sanctions list.

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