Political experts: Parties of the left show unprecedented mobilization

The combination of the forces of the left reduces the chances of the pro-European parties to gain a majority of seats in the future Parliament. According to experts, the political left in the Republic of Moldova shows unity, while the forces of the right remain divided. Therefore, the results of the July 11 elections cannot be anticipated. Political commentators consider the fragmentation of the center-right segment offers additional chances to the parties of the left as a result of the vote redistribution exercise, IPN reports.

The announcement of the eventuality of forming an electoral block for the July 11 elections made by the representatives of the PSRM and the PCRM should concern the political right. The incapacity of the parties of the right to join forces endangers the creation of a pro-European majority in the future Parliament, said the experts.

“The parties of the left show much greater cohesion than the parties of the left and this is worrisome as the concentration of the political forces of the left means that a limited number of election runners will compete in elections and this will reduce the number of parties that will not pass the threshold, but their votes would have been later redistributed to the parties of the right. On the right, except for the PAS, there are no political players generating confidence that they could pass the threshold,” Anatol Țăranu stated in the program “Emphasis on Today” on TVR Moldova channel.

Political commentator Vlad Țurcanu voiced hope that the pro-European tendency at last year’s presidential elections will be confirmed at this July’s elections, even if parties whose goal is to fragment the voters of the right and to reduce the chances of the pro-European forces were included in the campaign.

“Furthermore, the political left changes gradually and it is no longer eminently pro-Russian. We have the narrative of Renato Usatîi who is no longer pro-Russian. I do not rule out the possibility that, if the balance inclines to the West, the parties of the left will realize that they need to get rid of this Soviet ballast,” stated Vlad Țurcanu.

Recently, by a press release the PCRM announced that representatives of the party are having consultations with the PSRM on the formation of an electoral bloc for the July 11 elections. Under the legislation, the electoral threshold for blocs consisting of two political parties is of 7%.

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