Political change occurred on values of a population that accepts change with reservations, debates

The change in 2009 occurred through a model based on many democratic values, which overlapped with a population that doesn’t have such values even after three years have passed. A statement in this sense was made by IMAS director, expert Doru Petruti, during the public debate “Political culture of society vs. political culture of the political class: solutions for the chicken or egg dilemma”, organized by the Info-Prim Neo Press Agency, as part of the “Development of political culture in public debates” project, supported by the German Hanns Seidel Foundation. Doru Petruti mentioned that a political transition has happened, which, unfortunately was not followed by a transition of values. “A first tear is between collective values versus individual values. A great part of the Moldovan population has collective values, and still lives by a model that does not emphasize taking responsibility on a personal level. A political transition has happened, but there was no transition for individual values”, noted the expert. Head of the Association for Participatory Democracy ADEPT Igor Botan stated that currently the Moldovan society plunges into a perpetual state of dissatisfaction, which has objective explanations, such as the economic crisis, but in the same time discontent appears due to excessive expectations. “We live in a limiting democracy. Independence fell upon us. We were made to build an independent state out of a splinter of an agrarian province from a former ideological empire”, noted the expert. Liberal group memebr Corina Rusu believes that the change in society happened in 2007, after the local elections. Until then, in the opinion of the MP, the citizens were “amorphous” and wanted nothing, but the change convinced them that things may change to the better. The citizens want changes as fast as possible, but they can’t happen overnight. The mentality of the citizens and of some politicians is affected by the soviet period, and these barriers hinder the implementation of the much-desired reforms. Liberal-Democrat MP George Mocanu stated that politicians should be changed as often as possible, and the more often, the better. The current political culture is the result of historical events that cannot be changed. The MP mentioned that both the society and the politicians will develop a better political culture in time. Democrat MP Oleg Tulea stated that the society is obligated to hold the political class responsible. According to the MP, this is a sign that the society is not pleased, has remarks, and this should be a lesson for the governing politicians, and make them deliberate on the matter and propose solutions, because otherwise it may cost them at the following elections. The public debate “Political culture of society vs. political culture of the political class: solutions for the chicken or egg dilemma” is the eighth of such events, part of the “Developing political culture in public debates” project.
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