Andrei Năstase: “Agreement with PSRM will last until we liberate country from mafia”

The agreement reached by the Bloc ACUM with the Party of Socialists to govern the country together will last until the country is liberated from mafia, the leader of the Party “Dignity and Truth Platform” Andrei Năstase, minister of the interior in the Sandu Government, was quoted by IPN as saying in the talk show “In Depth” on ProTV Chisinau channel.

“They have their party, we have our party. Forming a coalition does not mean being one party... The agreement with the PSRM will last until we get rid of the mafia. If we manage to free the country and the state institutions, one day we can hold snap elections to compete with real programs,” stated the politician.

As to the political and institutional crisis faced by Moldova because a new Government was invested, while the previous one didn’t leave Andrei Năstase said the regime that ruled until now daily loses power. “Each day we become stronger, while they become weaker. Be patient and you will see them all leaving. The situation is irreversible and will mandatorily end with the victory of this country,” he stated.

The politician noted that snap parliamentary elections will not be held. “We will not have snap elections because snap elections under the system wanted by Plahotniuc with such a terror will bring nothing good to the country. We now have a legally formed government and they will not scare us,” he said.

Andrei Năstase also spoke about the plan for federalizing Moldova that was reportedly discussed by President Igor Dodon with the leaders of the Democratic Party. According to him, the Bloc ACUM will make sure that such a plan is never put into practice.

“No one will dare and will manage to confront the Bloc ACUM over the status of unitary state of the Republic of Moldova. They scared us with “little green men” every time we mounted a protest against corruption, poverty, humiliation and suffering to which our country was subject.”

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