Maia Sandu: I bid Alexandru Pînzari to stop intimidation acts

Prime Minister Maia Sandu bade the chief of the National Investigation Inspectorate Alexandru Pînzari and all those who, according to her, implement serous illegal orders to stop all actions aimed at destabilizing public order and intimidating those who oppose an illegal regime. Maia Sandu’s call comes after employees of the Inspectorate’s Sixth Division were suspended from posts, IPN reports.

“If they hide behind Constitutional Court decisions, I want to warn them that the country’s Constitution is above everything. Those Constitutional Court decisions cannot run counter to the Constitution. What the so-called Constitutional Court did is namely violation of the Constitution’s provisions. Mister Pînzari, I’m sure you understand that each of the illegal actions taken by you during these days means long jail terms for complicity or even participation in usurpation of the state power. Are your ready to assume something like this for a bandit?” Maia Sandu asked in a press briefing.

The Premiere noted that those who now fulfil the illegal orders of Plahotniuc will be punished according to law and will answer before an independent judiciary for crimes against the people of the Republic of Moldova.

As to the activity of the police, Maia Sandu said the law on the public post and the status of public functionary provides the police employees can refuse to implement written or oral orders received from the superiors if they consider these illegal.

Six employees of the Sixth Division of the National Investigation Inspectorate were suspended from posts for stating their support for the Government led by Maia Sandu. A number of carabiners and employees of the Special Police Brigade “Fulger” on June 12 were mobilized at the Inspectorate’s head office where the suspended employees have their offices.

In a press release, the General Police Inspectorate said the six police officers expressed their political beliefs publicly, violating thus the police officer’s oath. No searches were carried out at the Division’s head office and the police intervention was needed according to law.