Igor Dodon: There are four legal and one illegal post-electoral scenarios

President Igor Dodon, who is considered the informal leader of the Party of Socialists (PSRM), said that theoretically there can be four positive scenarios concerning the formation of a coalition in Parliament and one illegal scenario, IPN reports.

As to the legal scenarios, President Dodon said the Democratic Party (PDM) could form an alliance with the bloc ACUM DA PAS, the Party of Socialists could ally with ACUM, the PSRM could ally with the PDM or snap elections could be called. “I think the Shor Party should form part of none of these scenarios given the members of this party, how it is managed etc.” he stated.

Igor Dodon noted the illegal scenario is an alliance between the PDM and the Shor Party that would imply the buying of MPs from other parties and this would propose a candidate for premiership. “In such a situation, the President has enough arguments not to accept the proposal of this unclear majority, which does not correspond of the people’s choice of February 24, and he can sign no documents. If they try to remove the President, I will call on the people to come together in the Great National Assembly Square,” stated Igor Dodon.

Her also said he would accept an alliance between the PSRM, PDM and the bloc ACUM without the Shor Party and this scenario is a solution in the current situation.

As to the recent rumors about a situational alliance between the PSRM and the bloc ACUM DA PAS, Igor Dodon said something like this should not exist and a formal coalition should be formed, but such a scenario is theoretically possible. “The PSRM will yet not form an alliance with the Shor Party in the future Parliament,” said President Dodon.

According to him, the Constitutional Court could invalidate the seats of some of the new MPs, but the situation would explode in such a case.

The preliminary election results show the Party of Socialists won 35 seats of MP, the Democratic Party – 30, the electoral bloc ACUM – 26 and the Shor Party – seven. Three independents will also enter Parliament.

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