Stake of elections is to bring situation in Moldova more or less to normality, opinion

Wester analyst Vladimir Socor said the parliamentary elections of this February are the decisive event of 2019. According to him, the stake of the elections is related to the domestic policy and is no way ‘geopolitical’ in character. “The stake is not Moldova’s return to an Eurasian area or the European integration. The stake is to bring the situation in Moldova more or less to normality. The situation in the Republic of Moldova is not normal and is gloomy,” the analyst stated in an interview for Radio Free Europe that is quoted by IPN.

“The Republic of Moldova is profoundly sick. Such a situation when the state was usurped by a group of interests led by one person, when the rule of law was eliminated and there is no free market as this is controlled by private interests and the media and justice are practically controlled is witnessed in no country in Europe. This is the situation in a profoundly sick state that is actually close to failure according to the normal international criteria. I do not mean technical or financial failure. I mean political and moral failure,” said the analyst.

Asked about eventual parliamentary coalitions after the elections, Vladimir Socor said he does not rule out the possibility that, if the pro-European forces do not accept a coalition with the Democratic Party, the Democrats will form an alliance with the Party of Socialists. “The platform called “pro-Moldova”, which the Democratic Party joined recently, should not be excluded. This could lead namely to this direction. Mister Plahotniuc proclaimed the pro-Moldova orientation instead of the pro-European orientation,” stated the analyst. According to him, the current rhetoric centers on two messages: pro-Moldova and sovereignty. This is a response to the recommendations and reprimands addressed by the European intuitions to the current government.

As to a possible common front of Maia Sandu and Andrei Năstase with Vlad Plahotniuc, Vladimir Socor said this would mean “suicide” for the leaders of the Party “Action and Solidarity” and the Party “Dignity and Truth Platform” and this would be a party motive, not a motive related to the national interest. The national interest is to change the current state of affairs and it is above the party interests and if the bloc ACUM eventually forms a coalition with Mister Plahotniuc, the chance of bringing about the change would be annihilated and the current situation of profound disease would be cemented and the bloc ACUM would be turned into an annex of the ruling Democratic Party.

The analyst said all the allies of Vlad Plahotniuc were simply liquidated. Among these were Veaceslav Platon, Vlad Filat, Mihai Ghimpu and Dorin Chirtoacă and the list can be continued. Other allies of Mister Plahotniuc remain allies for fear as they are vulnerable and Ilan Shor is a conclusive example.

According to Vladimir Socor, Ilan Shor is a captive ally of Vlad Plahotniuc as this is tried and can be any time convicted, but this buys his relative and provisional freedom by providing services for the leader of the Democratic Party. And there are more captive allies. “I think about a series of very prominent figures. I do not want to say names, but there are very prominent figures in the current Government and the administration of the current Parliament who can be jailed for deeds committed while in the previous governments, related to banks, airports, and these personages remain allies of Mister Plahotniuc at least temporarily,” he stated.

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