Early elections are a solution to crisis in Moldova, debate

The difficult situation faced now by Moldova can be overcome by two ways: by naming an apolitical Premier who will rebuild the system, with competent people, or by holding early parliamentary elections where the people will be people to choose a new political class. Things now depend on the President, who can name a suitable candidate for premiership or can name candidates who would not be accepted by those who are involved in the talks to form the government coalition and could thus force the organization of early elections. Such opinions were stated in the public debate:  “The post of Prime Minister as a bone of contention. Why?”, which is the 48th installment of the series of debates “Development of political culture by public debates” that was staged by IPN in partnership with Radio Moldova.

The project’s standing expert Igor Botan, executive director of the Association for Participatory Democracy, said the current political crisis, which has been a nonstop one during over a year, derived from the behavior of those who declared themselves pro-Europeans and who interpret the Constitution as it is suitable for them. “As regards the pressure exerted on the President, they discredit the Constitution and the image of the presidential institution. In general, they discredit what is called European integration. Today we have an absolutely new situation, when the heads of parliamentary groups dare to caution the head of state,” said Igor Botan. He considers that the early elections are the best solution. “I’m not afraid that one political force or another will win. I hope that the crisis experienced by Moldova is a good lesson for the people,” stated the expert. 

Valeriu Muravschi, ex-Prime Minister of Moldova, considers the head of state should take into account a number of factors when naming the candidate for Prime Minister. “The fact that the ruling politicians do not have the qualities needed by a politician is a tragic one. I mean first of all responsibility and morality. They pursue their own evil goals. What they do is to the detriment of the people’s interests,” he stated.

According to Mihail Camerzan, deputy head of the People’s Party of the Republic of Moldova, the presidential institution is to blame for what is going on. “During three years, the head of state has never rebuked and reproached the politicians over particular matters. If there had been a precedent, they would have now thought that the President would stop them and wouldn’t have gone further. Currently, two-three persons manage the state, while the others are mass players who solve nothing. The struggle takes place between persons, not between principles, ideas and values,” he stated.

Sergiu Coropceanu, secretary general of the Social Democratic Party, said that naming the candidate proposed by the employers and trade unions as Prime Minister would be a solution to the current crisis. “We consider that President Timofti should designate the future Prime Minister at the suggestion not of the parliamentary parties, but of the National Employers Confederation and the National Confederation of Trade Unions. Today the representatives of the two bodies are those that keep Moldova on the development path,” he said.

The public debate “The post of Prime Minister as a bone of contention. Why?” is the 48th installment of the series of debates “Development of political culture by public debates” that are supported by the German foundation “Hanns Seidel”.

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