Mihai Ghimpu: Not Maia Sandu should tell us what we have to do

The chairman of the Liberal Party Mihai Gimpu assures that the Government will be voted in next week, but he is not sure that he will vote Maia Sandu Prime Minister. He made such statements in the talk show “In Depth” on PRO TV channel, IPN reports.

“Today we are ready to vote for Maia Sandu, but tomorrow we don’t know. If she behaves like this, we will not vote for her. Who is she to tell us what we should do. There is the agreement on the formation of the AEI and she must obey it. She is not a member of the alliance and didn’t sign this agreement. The pretentions of Maia Sandu are not within the constitutional framework. Not the Premier should decide who will be the National Bank governor or the prosecutor. In elections, the people vote not Maia Sandu, but the PLDM, PDM and PL. Maia Sandu is not the wisest. She should not come as a queen as we are not a monarchy. The main provision of the accord is about the eradication of poverty. For the purpose, we must develop the economy. This is the duty of the Premier. Corruption fighting is the task of the competent bodies,” said Ghimpu.

He also expressed his dissatisfaction with the fact that Maia Sandu didn’t accept the invitation of the Democratic Party. “Filat told us that Maia Sandu is the nominated candidate. We said that we will vote. Those from the Democratic Party wanted to discuss with her. But Maia Sandu, without providing explanations, declined the invitation. It’s normal for an alliance component to want to discuss with the candidate for Premier. We don’t know why she didn’t come, but it’s not normal. The future Premier is voted in by Parliament and this must discuss with the parties. We told them to solve the problem inside the party and we expect that tomorrow the partners from the PLDM will tell us what they decided,” stated Ghimpu.

Asked about the stolen billion, the Liberal leader expressed his skepticism about the chances of restoring the money. “The billion is on the road. About 100 million reached Anenii Noi, while another part is probably on the newly discovered planet, where there is life, as they say. I don’t think the money will be recovered, but I consider that those to blame will be punished. The law enforcement bodies started to work, but they need time,” he said. 

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