Chiril Gaburici: We need national unity now more than ever

The candidate for premiership Chiril Gaburici came before the MPs to ask for their vote of confidence for installing the Government, saying Moldova needs now national unity more than ever, IPN reports.

“Only acting in concert can we guarantee a prosperous future for the people. I come from an area where success and prosperity are key words. My activity as Premier will also be based on such words. I accepted to become Prime Minister after analyzing the state of affairs in the country. For me, this is not only an honor, but also great responsibility. As Premier, together with the Cabinet members, I will continue the initiated steps and will ensure the reformation and European integration processes so that we live in a free and prosperous state,” Chiril Gaburici told the MPs.

Among the top priorities of the government program are to strengthen the rule of law and to eliminate the constraints on businesses. “My firm conviction is that until we do not have a developed economy, we will be unable to speak about Moldova as about a prosperous state. Despite the made effort, the business remains obstructed. The practices hampering the development of businesses should be removed. The fight against corruption will also be a priority for the Government that I will head,” stated the candidate for premiership.

Chiril Gaburici also said that when we speak about the gap existing in society, we cannot overlook the discrepancy between the few ones who live well and those whose living conditions leave to be desired. “The eradication of poverty is another priority. Studies show that poverty is mainly concentrated in rural areas. That’s why the development of agriculture will also be a priority,” he stated.

In parallel with the European integration, relations must be also developed with the traditional partners. “Moldova needs friends and partners at foreign level now more than ever. We must pay special attention to the relations with the international organizations. We must also make the right side of the Nistru River more attractive for the people living on the left side. We should continue the efforts to obtain the withdrawal of the Russian troops and to democratize both of the banks of the Nistru,” stated Chiril Gaburici before the installation of the new Government was put to the vote.