Police lieutenant-colonel in reserve asks for audience with prosecutor general

Police lieutenant-colonel in reserve Angela Cirun requests for a meeting with Prosecutor General Alexandr Stoianoglo. According to her, a chief prosecutor of the Prosecutor General’s Office (PGO), in complicity with two lawyers from Chisinau, destroy her family that has experienced a real ordeal during ten years already.

In a news conference at IPN, Angela Cirun said that she and her husband have worked in the bodies of internal affairs for 30 years. They decided to address the prosecutor general through a news conference because the numerous direct approaches were prevented by interested prosecutors from reaching the destination so that the prospector general does not know about their case.

The woman referred to a corruption scheme applied since 2011. This involves a prosecutor of the PGO and judges of the Drochia Court and also two lawyers featured in two criminal cases – for falsification of statements and of official documents.

The police lieutenant-colonel in reserve said she got a house based on an irrevocable and final court decision. Obeying the legislation, she sold this house to her mother. By another court decision, this sale and purchase agreement was recognized as legal. But in 2011, at the calumnious requests of a person who claimed to be related to the person from which the house was bought, the then prosecutor general ordered to take legal action against her over falsification of evidence in the civil lawsuit and over considerable ill-gotten gains. Together with this criminal case, legalities, humiliation and those ten years of ordeal started.

The charging with illicit acquisition of the house is against the law as the Bălți Court’s decision of 2010, by which the obtaining of the ownership right over the house was declared legal, existed then. “I want to note the decisive role played by the prosecutor of the Prosecutor General’s Office Tatiana Gulea in the starting of this case,” stated the former police officer.

According to Angela Cirun, this prosecutor, using her position and authority, allowed for abusive interference in justice, violating the principle of independence of the judiciary before the law. “This prosecutor, by a requisition, asked the Bălți Court to provide the whole civil case started at her request that was under examination. This was illegal as neither she, nor the PGO were parties to the trial. By such acts, the prosecutor exerted pressure on the judge so as to hamper the objective trying of the case. This way, abusively and illegally, without being a party to the civil lawsuit, the prosecutor familiarized herself with the case. But only the participants in the trial can do this,” stated the ex-police officer.

The woman asks the prospector general to order an impartial and objective inquiry into this case as multiple illegalities were committed during its examination. She was charged in the absence of her lawyer as this wasn’t informed on time. Also, she was indicted even if there were two court decisions in two civil lawsuits before the prosecutor. One of these confirmed the legality of the ownership right. There was also an expert appraisal showing the proof wasn’t falsified.

The criminal case is being examined by the third prosecutor’s office. It went through the Bălț and Râșcani Prosecutor’s Offices and was now transmitted to the Sângerei Prosecutor’s Office.

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