POB: If elections were held next Sunday, three parties would enter Parliament

If legislative elections were held next Sunday, 34.1% of the population would vote for the Party of Socialists, 33.9% for the Party of Action and Solidarity, while 7.3% for the Shor Party. The threshold of 6% would not be passed by the Our Party, which would get 5.4% of the vote, the Democratic Party with 5.2%, the Party of Communists with 5%, the Party “Dignity and Truth Platform” with 3.9%. Some 65% of the respondents are sure they would go to the polls. 12.5% said they would probably go, 5% would probably not go, while 14% would definitely not go, shows the Public Opinion Barometer (POB) for June 2020 that was presented by the Institute for Public Policy in a news conference at IPN.

Presenting the poll results, Institute for Public Policy director Arcadie Barbăroșie said that if presidential elections were held next Sunday, over 76% of those polled would definitely cast their ballots. Igor Dodon and Maia Sandu have the biggest chances of winning these elections. Over 54% of those surveyed didn’t know how to answer this question.

If a referendum on Moldova’s entry into the European Union was held next Sunday, over 56% would vote for, while 21% would vote against. The rest of the respondents would not take part, haven’t decided or didn’t answer. 30% of the respondents would vote for entry into the Eurasian Economic Union, while 38% would vote against.

Asked what President Igor Dodon should do after videos showing Vladimir Plahotniuc offering him a bag that was allegedly with money were disseminated in the public sphere, over 52% of those polled said the President should have resigned immediately. Over 63% believe that he should have asked for an investigation over his denigration, over 63% that he should apologize publicly to the people, while over 63% that the PGO should have taken legal action against the President. Some 63% said the opposition MPs should demand that the President resign and be investigated for corruption.

The people trust the most the Church, the mayor’s office and the media and the least the Government, Parliament and political parties.

73% of the respondents consider the country follows a wrong path, while 14% said the direction is good.  26% said their incomes do not cover at least the basic necessities, as opposed to 33% in a similar poll of 2010. 44.7% noted their incomes are enough only for bare essentials (43.4% in 2010). 20.2% of those polled said their incomes are enough for decent living, but they cannot buy expensive things (15.6% in 2010). 4.6% manage to buy some expensive goods with constraints in other areas (5.2% in 2010). 2% can buy what they need without limitations (1.3% in 2010).

The TV is the most important source of information for 72% of the respondents. 65.3% noted the Internet, while 11% the radio. Compared with 2010, the Internet’s popularity rose over three times, while the radio’s popularity declined over three times.

As to COVID-19, 27% of those surveyed said the infection is not at all probable, 32% said it is slightly probable, 20% said it is rather probably and 12% said it is very probable.

According to CBS-AXA sociologist Vasile Cantarji, the poll was carried out by phone and is the only POB conducted by phone so far. All the previous polls were carried out face to face. The data collection method affected the results. The questionnaire was much shorter and kept questions that were also present in the previous surveys.

Jury member Igor Boțan said the poll shows the resonant political events have an unexpectedly great impact on people’s perceptions. The perception of the fight against COVID-19 has an impact on the political institution and personalities, while the political scandals related to corruption have an impact on people’s perception.

The poll was carried out by phone on a sample of 1,200 persons older than 18 during June 13-23. The margin of sampling error is 3%.

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