PM Chicu: Union with European Union is not utopian idea

The union with the European Union is not an utopian idea, said Prime Minister Ion Chicu, noting that the objective will be within reach if a series of actions are taken to urgently change the state of affairs in the country, IPN reports.

“As I said the previous days, such aberrant assertions as “contamination through 5G” or “chipping through vaccine” cannot take roots in a society with a high education level. In such a society, no anomalies like Shor or Usatyi can appear. The division of people according to geopolitical criteria will also be impossible in an elevated society,” Premier Chicu posted on Facebook.

He noted that he serviced in the public sector for only six years of his 26 years of working experience. Even so, the modest length of service with the state allows him to conclude that if the state is not radically reformed, this will be lost.

Things should be changed swiftly so that the salaries of teachers, doctors and other categories of intellectuals are raised for three times. “This may seem unrealizable, but is absolutely realistic. Will and zero tolerance of populism are needed. Moreover, I think the political conjuncture is favorable if we consider the Parliament’s composition. The current parliamentary majority, plus the MPs of the PAS and PPPDA, perfectly realizes the situation in which the country found itself after 30 years of decadence,” wrote Ion Chicu.

The territorial-administrative reform is another priority noted by the official. “We have the largest number of local administrative staffs per capita in Europe. Hundreds of mayor’s offices with fewer than 700-1,000 inhabitants. Billions of lei is irrationally spent annually on maintaining thousands of functionaries. But the services provided to the citizens in such circumstances cannot be of a high quality. The Government worked out the conception of this reform and the return in 2023 to a rational administrative-territorial structure similar to the one that existed before 2003 is absolutely necessary” he stated.

The official also mentioned “the revolution in the law enforcement and justice system”, which is absolutely corrupt, the education reform, especially in the technical-vocational and university education, the economy and public finances. “Massive public investments in infrastructure are needed or we will be unable to keep the people in the country and investors will not come. To have sources of financing, we can issue Eurobonds. The policy and management should be fiscally stimulatory. The taxes should be lower, but high fiscal compliance should be ensured,” said Premier Chicu.

“My list includes several more tens of other important areas than need to be reformed, but we should start with the aforementioned. We will soon open negotiations with the IMF on a three-year program. I’m sure that we can obtain solid financial support for the abovementioned reforms through this instrument too.”

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