PM at Chisinau Economic Forum: Moldova offers investment opportunities

Prime Minister Dorin Recean said that Moldova the past year managed to de-bureaucratize the economy so as to make it easier for entrepreneurs to invest. It also managed to secure a stronger, more capitalized and more capable financial banking sector. “The Republic of Moldova has the capacity to innovate. It needs long-term capital and people who would see this investment opportunity here,” the official said in the opening remarks at the second edition of the Chisinau Economic Forum that is held under the auspices of Romanian royal family, IPN reports.

“We are closer to integrating the capital markets of Chisinau and Bucharest. By the way, we also built a bridge over the Prut. We made a number of investments in infrastructure so that we have better mobility for businesses and for people who would work for businesses. We have an entrepreneurial environment that is much more open and prepared for new opportunities. From now on, we will continue this trend to create opportunities in energy, infrastructure, electronics, etc.” stated Dorin Recean.

The Premier encouraged investments in infrastructure and logistics. “It is very and very significant that we opened negotiations with the European Union. This will bring us even more opportunities for infrastructure projects,” noted the official.

Attending the event, Parliament Speaker Igor Grosu said that the forum is becoming a tradition supported by the Romanian royal family. “Your Highness, I want to thank you for everything you have done in these years for the Republic of Moldova – when you discussed with the capital cities of the European Union member states, with officials in Brussels, and we finally obtained a historic decision last December – the opening of negotiations on Moldova’s accession to the EU. Investments, a strong and sustainable economy matter a lot and play a very important role in the negotiation process because, in the end, the people, the citizens of the Republic of Moldova must feel the benefits and advantages of the European integration process,” noted the official.

According to him, an important role in this process is played by investors. “The Romanian state was the first investor that I think did a historic thing and not only last year. It invested in strategic areas, such as the energy sector. And this signal must be understood and followed by private investors. I’m addressing investors, especially Romanian ones – the investment is the best binder between the two banks. Come and invest in Moldova. We have the same language, the same values, the same objectives,” said Igor Grosu.

His Royal Highness, Prince Radu of Romania, thanked the investors from EU countries, including Romania, Poland, Italy, Germany, who joined the event. “I hope their numbers will increase in the years to come. It cannot grow suddenly because trust in a country, in a government, in a part of the world is built day by day and this building process never ends. All the better to see that there are such beautiful achievements in Chisinau and Bucharest, but they can never stand without encouragement, without support. You have to start over and over again, every day, convincing others that you are better. This so modern, so pragmatic, so enterprising spirit of the economy of our times is a very good example for the whole society,” stated Prince Radu of Romania.

Romania’s Ambassador in Chisinau Cristian-Leon Țurcanu said that the large number of participants in the Forum proves once again that the Republic of Moldova is open to business. “I’m glad that the economic entrepreneurs in Romania are practically the spearhead of everything that means investments and European business in the Republic of Moldova. I sincerely believe that trust is the most important Romanian investment on this bank of the Prut River. It is trust in the people here, in the European character of society here and, last but not least, in the pro-European authorities that ensure the correct development, European development of the Republic of Moldova, and this type of trust gives birth to other types of trust – trust in the economic area, in a favorable investment climate, in education, etc. Romania is present here and the Romanian support is felt,” stated the diplomat.

The Chisinau Economic Forum is staged on February 22-23 by the business club International Business Society, in partnership with the Investment Agency of Moldova, the Department for Relations with the Republic of Moldova of the Government of Romania, and Transylvania Today.

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