“Please elect me MP on behalf of Western Diaspora because...”. IPN debate

The Democratic Party’s candidate in single-member constituency No. 50 said the Democratic Party showed that it does things and not only makes statements, including for people from outside the country. On the other side, representatives of the electoral bloc ACUM noted the Republic of Moldova is a captured state and the citizens from the diaspora want a political alternative. The representative of the National Liberal Party stated the problems in Moldova can be solved only through the union with Romania, while independent candidate Oleg Brega said he has experience in defending human rights and will be a non-blackmailable and incorruptible MP who will really represent the ordinary people. The statements were made in the public debate “Elections 2019: Please elect me MP on behalf of the Western Diaspora because...”, which was the 106th installment of the series “Developing political culture through public debates” staged by IPN Agency.

Natalia Gavrilița, the representative of Maia Sandu who runs for MP on behalf of the electoral bloc ACUM Platform PAS and DA, said that forming part of the diaspora of London, where she stayed for three years, and while staying in the United States and in Brussels on different occasions, she learned that the diaspora wants first of all to develop the Republic of Moldova. “They want the Republic of Moldova not to be a captured state, not to be robbed and the state institutions to act for the benefit and in the interests of the citizens,” she stated.

“That’s why Maia Sandu is the best candidate of the diaspora as she represents the real political alternative together with the bloc ACUM. She made commitments in all the development areas of the Republic of Moldova. In particular, we consider the reformation of justice and the fight against corruption are key priorities as we must bring the country to a normal development path,”, stated Natalia Gavrilița, noting that Maia Sandu formed part of the diaspora and even won over 80% of the vote of the Moldovans abroad in the parliamentary elections.

The representative of the candidate of the bloc ACUM said the massive mobilization is the stake in the diaspora as if the diaspora goes to vote, it will influence the number of seats on party lists: “Regrettably, the government is trying to limit this right by banning voting with expired passports”. 

“The governments that ruled until now actually brought us to poverty that made us leave home. I every three months fly home in planes full of young people and children who come home to see their parents, grandparents and who want only one thing – a country that would develop so that we have at least the chance and choice of returning once home as integration abroad is not easy. The massive mobilization for elections is the stake of candidate Maia Sandu. The government intentionally does not allow voting with expired passports so as to limit the share of the diaspora’s vote. I call on you to mobilize, to call home and spoil the plans of this government. Vote Maia Sandu and the bloc ACUM so as to replace this infected political class,” said Natalia Gavrilița.

Independent candidate Oleg Brega considers he personally is more indicated than Maia Sandu as he represents the diaspora and lived outside the country, during the past two years living in Romania and also whole studying at the faculty and for his master’s degree. “I know what is going on at least in Romania, but I also travelled all over Europe. I mounted protests and defended human rights. This is my profile of candidate. I’m a defender of human rights, diversity, legality and seek transparency in decision-making, even in Parliament. Until now I worked efficiently as part of civil society and in the media. I even won awards as a filmmaker, which is my third profession,” he stated.

“So, if I was good in all the hypotheses until now, I think I can be good and efficient also as an independent, unaffiliated MP who does not promote group or party interests. As an MP who is paid from public funds, with a modest salary, I could defend people. I would not need other infused revenues that some negotiate under the table. So, I would be an incorruptible MP who cannot be scared with criminal cases or photographs taken at hotels in Europe. I would be a non-blackmailable and incorruptible candidate who will really represent the ordinary people,” stated Oleg Brega.

He noted he is a honest, courageous and modest candidate on the “bicycle”. “I ran in 2014 in the same way. If I became an MP, I will go to work by bike and will show that I care about the environment and my health and I don’t need to enrich myself. I want things around me to change so that I also live well and the laws work, I trust the state institutions and feel well at home and do not need to leave. I can be voted only by the diaspora. I do not have a party that would be voted on the other list. Vote for whom you want on the list of parties or blocs. On the other list, in Europe, from the Prut up to the Atlantic Ocean, vote for the courageous candidate on bicycle Oleg Brega, independent candidate,” he stated.

Olga Coptu, a candidate for MP of the Democratic Party, said she decided to run on behalf of this party because the PDM was, is and will be in Parliament, did concrete things and not only said things, including for those who left abroad. And with the assistance of this party I want to do even more for the Moldovans who went abroad. Why me and not my opponents? Because a large part of them know nothing about the difficulties that our diaspora faces, about the accomplishments of this. Most of them remembered the diaspora only a month ago, before the elections, and after the elections will forget about all those who left.”

“I worked with those from outside the country for many years. I worked in the field for over ten years and will continue to work. The diaspora members, when they return home and when they complain about a problem or another, including when they want to implement a project in the Republic of Moldova, do not seek help from the majority of those attending. They go to concrete persons with concrete proposals and solutions. We should think what we will do on February 24 and how will vote the future Parliament. I call on you to vote for Olga Coptu,” stated the candidate.

“Dear friends of the diaspora, I didn’t go to the diaspora several years ago with the biometric passport or any other document. I went, as you, to Italy several years in a row. I also went through all the difficulties through which you went. I ate the same bread and know the problems and accomplishments. I tried together with you to promote them, to adjust them, to make recommendations at home. I call on you to vote the person you know, to whom you went for multiple times and who every time remained available on all the networks, ensuring direct access. I urge you to vote Olga Coptu in constituency No. 50 and the Democratic Party of Moldova,” stated the candidate.

Vitalia Pavlichenko, who represented the National Liberal Party’s candidate Gheorghe Furdui, said Gheorghe Furdui studied at a number of institutions and, being for many years in the diaspora, knows personally the difficulties of integration into another country. He aims to be active, principled, courageous, transparent while holding the seat of MP. “He always helped those around and will continue to help them. I would add with proudness that he runs on the list of a unionist party, which is the first statutory unionist party – the National Liberal Party – which according to today’s poll is the second party on the segment of the right after the bloc ACUM,” stated Vitalia Pavlichenko.

The leader of the PNL said Gheorghe Furdui comes from a decent family of Romanian free peasants, but is supported by many MEPs, especially Romanian ones. The candidate’s electoral program is exact and broad and specifies the policies for the diaspora and what is possible and necessary for three categories of citizens – those who settled abroad, but should not lose their Romanian identity and conscience, those who work abroad, but want to return and those who want to travel more often home.

“He will continue to promote the PNL’s policies and program, which means the unity of the diaspora of the Republic of Moldova and of Romania abroad so as to facilitate, hasten and encourage the union because the Republic of Moldova is a captured state and does not have justice and many things that bother us, but these problems can be solved only through the union. This is our conviction and for this we plead,” she stated.

Vitalia Pavlichenko noted that Gheorghe Furdui is very active where he lives, in France. “He integrated into Romania, France, the European Union, but thinks about home and his mates. He is the fourth on the National Liberal Party’s list. He is a the follower of a Romanian who voted the Union in 1918 and he deserves to be offered the possibility of ensuring this nice continuity of the second Romanian state in Parliament, where he could apply all his knowledge and ideas so as to promote our most sacred aspiration – the Romanian unity. We invite you to vote for Gheorghe Furdui and the PNL,” stated the politician.

On February 14, IPN staged a debate with candidates or representatives of candidates running in single-member constituency No. 49. This involved Vladimir Bolea, the representative of Dorin Frăsîneanu, who runs on behalf of the electoral bloc ACUM Platform PAS and DA, independent candidate Dumitru Pogorea, Nicolae Pascaru, who represented the Party of Socialists’ candidate Gheorghii Para, and Valery Klimenko, who runs on behalf of the Shor Party.

The debate scheduled for February 19 will feature candidates registered in constituency No. 51 the U.S. and Canada. This starts at 2pm.

Earlier, IPN Agency held electoral debates with the participation of representatives of election contestants running in the national constituency.

The series of debates ”Elections 2019: Please elect me MP on behalf of the Western diaspora because...”, forms part of the series of public debates held by IPN News Agency as part of the project “Developing political culture through public debates” that is supported by the Hanns Seidel Foundation of Germany.

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