Please elect me MP on behalf of U.S. – Canada Diaspora because... . IPN debate

Candidates running in single-member constituency No. 51 or their representatives said namely they deserve to be elected MPs who would represent the Moldovan citizens in the diaspora in the U.S. and Canada because they have the experience of living in these states and know the needs of the Moldovans there or because they keep in permanent touch with them. At the same time, the representatives of the current or former governments and of the opposition accused each other, trying to shift the blame for the illegalities or the state of affairs in the country. The statements were made in the public debate “Elections 2019: Please elect me MP on behalf of the Western Diaspora because...”, which was the 107th installment of the series “Developing political culture through public debates” staged by IPN Agency.

According to Olga Coptu, the representative of Gennady Moroșanu, who runs for MP on behalf of the Democratic Party of Moldova, the electoral runner has lived in the U.S. for over six years and knows well the problems faced by the Moldovan communities overseas. She personally convinced Gennady Moroșanu to run for MP as she considers him a worthy candidate. Grenadier Moroșanu also held a public post and wants to become involved here at home and to malke changes for those who left and for those who remained in the Republic of Moldova.

“He is an experienced person who, even if he started everything from zero abroad, managed to distinguish himself and to become someone. He is ultimately a person of whim we are proud,” stated Olga Coptu.

“Dear citizens, I call on you to vote for the Democratic Party’s candidate in constituency No. 51 Grenadier Moroșanu. He is the first on the list. He provides concrete figures of what the Democratic Party of Moldova managed to do. He wants to do much more for the country and for you. He has a concrete program for those who left and for those who remained home. What really matters is the fact that he has a powerful team that can do a lot. Vote deeds, not words! Vote Gennady Moroșanu and the PDM,” urged Olga Coptu.

Gaik Vartanean, the Party of Socialists’ candidate, said the voters should vote him as he lived in the U.S. for six years and knows well the problems encountered by the Moldovan diaspora. In the parliamentary elections, he represents a considerable force, which is the only one of the three main forces that has real chances of gaining an absolute majority of seats of MP. He would create a council for the diaspora under Moldova’s Parliament so that the Moldovans abroad, no matter where they are, could be permanently in touch with the legislative body. “Regrettably, our authorities, during these 27 years of independence, remember the diaspora only before the elections,” stated the candidate.

He noted that all the Party of Socialists’ and the President’s initiatives were blocked by the parliamentary majority and this disorder should be brought to an end with the upcoming elections. Asked if he had meetings with voters in the constituency where he runs during the current campaign, Gaik Vartanean said he intended to leave for the U.S. last week, but could not do it in connection with the complaints against the PSRM filed to the Central Election Commission and with the risk that the party would be removed from the race given the existing precedents. He decided he should be better present in the country if something like this happens as the people would need to be mobilized. However, regardless of the election outcome, he will go to the U.S. after the elections.

“When representatives of these parties who run in constituency No. 51 the U.S. and Canada Ghiletski, Alaiba stayed in the government and received enormous pays, I was already protesting on the street against the disorder and the theft of the US$ 1 billion. I, on the Chisinau Municipal Council, together with my colleagues, implemented electronic services and struggled against the corrupt mayor Dorin Chirtoacă. I related how he, through the agency of offshore companies, appropriated money. You may not like the Socialists or the President or someone else, but I want to assure you that I, as a person who lived in the Unites States, know how well the state services should work and will do my best in Parliament for these initiatives I propose to be implemented nationwide. I’m ready to work with everyone, whether they are independent or not, with all those in Parliament who will contribute to the implementation of electronic services so that these are closer to the diaspora,” stated Gaik Vartanean.

Radu Marian, the representative of Dumitru Alaiba, who runs on behalf of the electoral bloc ACUM, Platform DA and PAS, said Dumitru Alaiba and the bloc ACUM represent the only force that can fight grand corruption and bring justice to the people as the people want this first of all. “For a too long period of time, those who steal and who weren’t voted by anyone have ruled us, while those who work honestly remain poor. We will eliminate the corrupt judges and prosecutors from the system and will confiscate the property of those who robbed. We are the only force that can do real anticorruption reforms and root out grand corruption. We are the only anti-oligarchic pro-European force that has chances of winning,” noted Radu Marian.

Asked about the activity of Dumitru Alaiba in the Filat Government, Radu Marian said this has struggled for many years against those who are in power and he has a critical voice. Dumitru Alaiba worked as an adviser in the staff of Prime Minister Vlad Filat and received salaries from European funds. He and his organization were the first to notify of the banking fraud. “The responsibility for the theft of the US$ 1 is borne by those who managed the law enforcement agencies that were fully controlled by the Democratic Party,” stated Radu Marian.

“Dear citizens, grand corruption and injustice are Moldova’s biggest enemies. The bloc ACUM is the only political force, together with Dumitru Alaiba, that during many years has pleaded for clearing the Republic of Moldova of corruption. He can propose and vote drastic anticorruption measures. These elections are not just elections between those who want to protect their poverty and those who want to escape jail. We are those who want to improve things in our country and those who want to have a government that really represents us. Vote ACUM, vote Dumitru Alaiba for justice and a better life,” he said.

Dumitru Jomir, the representative of independent candidate Valeriu Ghiletski, said this candidate is one of the most prominent politicians in Moldova, who has an impeccable reputation in the country and abroad. He was elected to form part of the administration of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe and thus properly represents the interests of the citizens of the Republic of Moldova in European forums. Valeriu Ghiletski is permanently in contact with the citizens from the constituency where he runs and took concrete measures for them, such as approaches as a result of which money was allocated for Moldovans to benefit from consular services closer.

“Compared with other candidates, Valeriu Ghiletski does not have a criminal past and wasn’t involved in scandals. He is a consistent politician who abides by the moral values according to which he was educated. He is the most appropriate candidate for gaining the trust of our citizens in the U.S. and Canada as he already achieved concrete results for the American diaspora. Mister Ghiletski is trusted by our citizens in the United States and Canada and has close relations and a powerful tie with our diaspora there and not only. He has close links with congressmen and officials in the U.S. and Canada and can represent the interests of our citizens at the highest level,” stated Dumitru Jomir.

“Today you witness an aggressive debate where each participant makes unfounded accusations and denigrates with the aim of gaining advantages. I, as a young man, support policies that would bring about changes and Valeriu Ghiletski can pursue such a policy, of the good, responsibility that can do good, not harm. Mister Ghiletski for many times made calls to unity. I also want to call on you to be united in this election campaign. On February 24, combine your forces in the United States of America and Canada. Go and vote Valeriu Ghiletski as we together can make Moldova better.”

On February 14, IPN staged a debate with candidates or representatives of candidates running in single-member constituency No. 49. This involved Vladimir Bolea, the representative of Dorin Frăsîneanu, who runs on behalf of the electoral bloc ACUM Platform PAS and DA, independent candidate Dumitru Pogorea, Nicolae Pascaru, who represented the Party of Socialists’ candidate Gheorghii Para, and Valery Klimenko, who runs on behalf of the Shor Party.

The debate held on February 18 featured candidates or representatives of candidates registered in constituency No. 50, namely the PDM’s candidate Olga Coptu, the representative of Maia Sandu who represents the electoral bloc ACUM Natalia Gavrilița, the representative of the National Liberal party’s candidate Gheorghe Furdui, Vitalia Pavlichenko, and independent Oleg Brega.

Earlier, IPN Agency held electoral debates with the participation of representatives of election contestants running in the national constituency.

For February 20, IPN scheduled debates with sociology and political sciences experts who will depict possible post-electoral scenarios starting at 2pm.

The series of debates ”Elections 2019: Please elect me MP on behalf of the Western diaspora because...”, forms part of the series of public debates held by IPN News Agency as part of the project “Developing political culture through public debates” that is supported by the Hanns Seidel Foundation of Germany.

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