PLDM withdraws candidate from single-member constituency Hâncești

The Liberal Democratic Party (PLDM) decided to withdraw its candidate Anatolie Postolachi who was put forward for MP in single-member constituency No. 38 Hâncești. The decision was taken in today’s meeting of the party’s Central Standing Bureau at the suggestion of the candidate and was made public in a news conference at IPN.

Anatolie Postolachi said he decided to withdraw in the interests and for the future of the Republic of Moldova. He noted he really believed in free and fair elections in Hâncești, but the scenarios of the former elections, which were orchestrated by the whole team “of Plahotniuc”, continue to be present in Hâncești. Administrative resources continue to be used, the voters are corrupted and the decision makers, the law enforcement agencies do not want to take attitude.

Anatolie Postolachi called on the inhabitants of Hâncești to take an active part in the March 15 elections, to take a correct decision for the locality and the country. He called on the competitors of the right to follow his example so as not to disperse the votes. “Judging by the statements of voters from Hâncești, there are no chances for the future MP who will be elected in Hâncești constituency to be of the right,” he stated.

The leader of the PLDM Tudor Deliu said the party he manages entered the electoral race in the hope that it could initiate discussions with those who claim they are in the opposition. Anatolie Postolachi is native of Hâncești, served as a mayor for two terms, as deputy district head and as the Government’s representative at the local level. But the other parties that consider they are in the opposition didn’t respond to the Lib-Dems’ call to support this candidate.

Asked why they do not support former Liberal-Democratic MP Grigore Cobzac who runs independently and is also from Hâncești, Anatolie Postolachi said the announcement concerning his running made by Grigore Cobzac on the last day of registration of initiative groups was aimed at diffusing the right. For his part, Tudor Deliu said he respects Grigore Cobzac as they worked and suffered together when he formed part of the PLDM’s team, but this defected to the Party Action and Solidarity together with the PLDM’s team in Hâncești.

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