PLDM: After four years of intimidation and harassment, we return forcefully to political arena

The National Political Council of the Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova (PLDM) at a meeting on December 8 reiterated the party’s option to have a common agenda with all the pro-European parties so as to offer Moldova a democratic and European alternative. A statement adopted at the meeting says that after four years of intimidation and harassment, the PLDM is returning forcefully to the political arena. The event involved the former leader of the PLDM Vlad Filat, ex-Prime Minister, IPN reports.

“Let’s remember what the communist regime of Voronin meant for our people. The Republic of Moldova was fully isolated from the rest of the world. The relations with the neighboring countries, first of all Romania, were practically frozen. The people didn’t enjoy the right to travel freely and had to spend money and time on visas to gain access to Romania and the other states of the European Union. When the PLDM appeared on the political arena, things in the country started to improve. The citizens began to feel courageous and, especially, to firmly believe that the Republic of Moldova can have a European future,” the party’s president Tudor Deliu said in the event.

Vlad Filat, one of the founders of the party who managed the PLDM during eight years, also gave a speech. “Even if we were separated by walls and bars, I felt you as the batteries were charged by the good things we did together. I felt the warmth you transmitted to me. This is something incredible. As to my involvement, I tell you directly that my political activity will remain suspended until I prove that everything was an untruth. But this does not mean I can suspend the actions for which we struggled together, such as the rule of law, reforms, European integration,” stated the ex-Premier who was recently released conditionally.

The National Political Council adopted a statement saying that “aiming to impede the process of coming closer to the European Union, forces hostile to the country designed a diabolic plan – to decapitate and destroy the Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova as the driving force of this process. This way, the authors and beneficiaries of the bank fraud, oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc and controversial businessman Ilan Shor, in collusion with foreign security bodies, orchestrated the arrest and conviction of the leader of the PLDM Vlad Filat. Years of persecution against the members and local elected officials of the PDM followed.

“However, the PLDM resisted and time showed that those who struck us are thieves and criminals who robbed, betrayed and ultimately fled the Republic of Moldova. We demand now and will always demand that citizens Vladimir Plahotniuc and Ilan Shor should be returned and brought to justice for robbing banks and for causing all this chaos in our society,” runs the statement.

The National Political Council of the PLDM convened on the occasion of the 12th anniversary of the founding of the party.

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