PL starts its election campaign on bank of the Prut

The Liberal Party (PL) kicked off its election campaign prior to the parliamentary elections of February 24, 2019 in an event staged in Frăsinești village of Ungheni district that is situated on the bank of the Prut River on February 3. The event started with patriotic songs performed by the band “Ștefan-Vodă” and with the singing of Romania’s national anthem “Wake up, Romanians”, IPN reports.

“We are now at the crossroads, as it happened in 1989, when we removed the Communist regime, as we also did in 2009, when we removed the regime of Voronin and now risk collapsing in a ferocious dictatorship of medieval type. That’s why starting with the upcoming parliamentary elections, we must do so that we have more sincere and consistent unionists in Parliament, who would be more than 50 so that we could vote the Union, as the members of the People’s Council did it in 1918,” stated the leader of the PL Dorin Chirtoacă.

At the end, the participants in the event danced a Romanian round dance on the bank of the Prut.

The representatives of the party said they struggle for the union, which is the Romanian national ideal. The union means salaries and pensions of minimum €500 in villages, lower prices and high-quality medical and social services. They will ensure peace, security and the well-being of everyone as part of NATO and the EU. At the same time, the diaspora will be able to return home and reunite with their families and be near the close ones.

The PL called on the people not to vote for other parties as these were formed by oligarchic groups that struggle between them for power and money. They incite hatred in society, wage a hybrid war and make the people leave the country. They established dictatorship, destroy democracy and strip the citizens of the Republic of Moldova of a decent life and a better future.

The national list of the PL consists of 30 candidates. The first ten candidates include two candidates who represent the diaspora, namely Vasile Calmațui (France) and Valeriu Ambroci (Italy). The unionist leader Vlad Biletski is under No. 2 on the PL’s list of candidates for the national constituency.

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