PL, PLDM, PAS and PPPDA could have common candidates in single-member districts

The PL, PLDM, PAS and PPPDA could have common candidates in single-member constituencies in the parliamentary elections of February 24, 2019. The four parties discussed the possibility of nominating the best common candidates of the right in the 51 single-member constituencies of Moldova in the afternoon of November 5, IPN reports.

PPPDA secretary general Kiril Motpan said any initiative that would consolidate the anti-oligarchic forces in Moldova is welcome as this means salivation of the country. The national interest obliges the politicians to adopt another approach and to unite the democratic, anti-oligarchic forces in the fight against the current regime. “We didn’t reach a compromise. We will yet have discussions. We aim to identify the best candidates in districts so as to have a real chance of winning the elections in more constituencies. Only together we will manage to give a blow to this regime,” stated the politician.

After the discussions, PAS leader Maia Sandu noted that only people who showed they are honest can be supported in the contest to choose candidates for single-member constituencies. All those who want to coordinate the nomination of candidates in the election campaign with the PAS and PPPDA should go through the integrity filter. Meritocracy is the second criteria. “We can win the elections only with credible people. We will join forces with those who are ready to present upright people, are not afraid of a clean Parliament and want to go through this meritocracy contest,”’ she stated.

The leader of the PLDM Tudor Deliu said the discussions were held because some of the activities for the future election camping should be coordinated. The discussions will be continued until a solutions is found so as to prevent the dispersion of the voters of the right. The National Political Council of the PLDM meets on November 11 to decide the method of taking part in the legislative elections. “The PLDM is now ready to go through any filter. The PLDM was cleaned up long ago. Those who left were swallowed by the PDM,” he noted.

According to the Liberal leader Mihai Ghimpu, the launched discussions on the identification of a common candidate were a good start. “We all realize we should not allow a pro-Russia government as the current one to rule the country . We must make effort for any candidate to be good so that we win the elections in constituencies and do not struggle between us. The people should orient themselves and make a correct choice,” he stated.

In a new meeting in a week, the PL will present a list of candidates who will be ready to take the integrity test proposed by the future electoral bloc ACUM.

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