Petru Lucinschi: Moldova hasn’t developed a country project in 30 years

On the 30th anniversary of the declaring of independence, a profound analysis of the path covered by the Republic of Moldova hasn’t been carried out. Also, there is no consensus as to the country project, considers the ex-President of the Republic of Moldova Petru Lucinschi.
“When you start to build a house, you first design a project and agree how the house will look like. We haven’t done this yet. During 30 years, we haven’t discussed what kind of house we should build,” Petru Lucinschi stated in the program “Important” on TVC 21 channel, being quoted by IPN.

Speaking about the causes for Moldova’s failures during the 30 years of independence, the politician said the people are dissatisfied because they have had expectations since the declaring of independence, in relation to the European course. “We will integrate into Europe and everything will be fine,” this is what the Moldovans thought in 1991. But we lacked profound knowledge as to how to ensure prosperity in the new conditions. We didn’t know how to switch over from socialism to capitalism. It was for the first time in history. We formed illusions, expectations, but disappointment came later. The citizens had expectations every four years as the politicians made promises, but didn’t deliver them,” said Petru Lucinschi.

Another cause for the failures was the conditions in which the country developed. “Why didn’t we succeed? In 1991, we entered the market economy, but didn’t have a market. In 1991, it was impossible to enter the European market owing to the inertia. We were heading for Europe and started to borrow their standards, but these standards could not be applied in our country, like those concerning privatization,” said Petru Lucinschi, noting he accepts the West’s arguments that investors didn’t come due to corruption, the unstable regime and the too often amendments made to the legislation.

The country’s resources are an important element of the analysis. “For example, Azerbaijan was in the same situation as we were. Until they formed a consortium and grew their revenues from crude oil extraction from 5 million to 50 million and up. A source is needed to ensure economic growth. Kazakhstan has all the elements of Mendeleev’s table. What do we have? We have land that needs to be cultivated intelligently. We must have high-quality production. Each country has its own particularities, even the democratic countries. 3/5 of the countries of the world are considered democratic. They have their specific features. We have our own specific features,” stated the ex-President.

According to him, the consecutiveness of ruling politicians’ actions is a very important element. “Consistency and understanding in society are needed. “Reforms need time”, said a president of China. We change our orientation every four years. Our involvement in geopolitics is a catastrophe. We didn’t pursue a consistent policy,” stated Lucinschi.

He considers that the Republic of Moldova can follow Finland as a model.

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