Peter Michalko: Attacks on the press are inacceptable

“The role of the independent press in any society that is and wants to be considered democratic is very important. The independent press should control how the state institutions work, should inform the people that the public funds are used correctly,” EU Ambassador in Chisinau Peter Michalko stated in the talk show “Black Box” on TV8 channel, IPN reports.

The European official said in many moments the independent press showed to the whole country how important it is. He also made reference to the events of last June and asked: “Who would have told the people about what was going on and about the changes that took place? And who would provide information about how important projects are being implemented? ”

Peter Michalko noted the independent press should be appreciated, while the attacks on it are unacceptable. “This is simply against the pluralism of opinion, which represents the characteristic feature of each society, including as regards the implementation of the European values. Without independent press, we cannot image democratic, European existence,” he stated.

As to the statements of politicians and the attacks on the press, the ambassador said that owing to the independent press, the problems faced by the doctors, namely the lack of appropriate protection in the fight against the pandemic, became known. “This crisis showed from the start how important it is to have transparency and public information as only this way we can know what is important for being solved”.

“This Saturday, we celebrate Europe Day and these values are very important. These values are powerfully felt by the citizens of the member states and it is not accepted when the independent press is the target of attacks,” concluded `Peter Michalko.

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