People of Gagauzia urged to be cautious when they will elect their Governor

The inhabitants of ATU Gagauzia are urged to be cautious when they will elect their Bashkan next spring. Such a call was made by Alexei Serebryanski, a retired colonel of the Security and Intelligence Service and former foreign spy chief. He referred to the intent of the Moldovagaz chief Vadim Ceban to run for the post of Governor in Gagauzia. Serebryanski said that Ceban “consciously tolerates interethnic hatred and is the co-author and planner of actions to intimidate and denigrate the people of Gagauzia and the national minorities in Moldova”.

In a news conference hosted by IPN, Alexei Serebreanschi said that immediately after Vadim Ceban was named chief of Moldovagaz, he designated former SIS employee Yevgenny Cuzmin as his adviser. “This year, Cuzmin was arrested and charged by prosecutors with a number of very serious crimes of which I have been sensitizing public opinion over the past two years,” said the retired SIS colonel.

“In that period, Cuzmin was fully involved in the public discrediting and denigration of the people of Gagauzia through Telegram channels and anonymous websites of fake news created and managed by Cuzmin, illegally using the resources of the SIS on the pretext of so-called operations to influence the electronic environment,” stated Alexei Serebryanski. According to him, a lot of persons in Gagauzia, including the current Bashkan, were subject to a denigration, discrediting, slandering and intimidation campaign conducted by the current adviser to the president of the Administrator Board of Moldovagaz.

“Dear inhabitants of Gagauzia, I ask you a lot to attentively examine these messages posted on the screen, by which you are intimidated, discredited and belittled as people and as an ethnic group. These messages were written by the right-hand man of Vadim Ceban. Can a statesperson have such behavior as Vadim Ceban, who allows such crimes to be committed and avoids taking attitude to stop such illegalities? Can an individual like Vadim Ceban hold public posts? Can Vadim Ceban serve as the Bashkan of Ggaauzia and represent you?” asked Alexei Serebryanski.

“Mister Ceban, how will you look the people of Gagauzia in the eyes when you now protect your adviser Cuzmin, who, together with you, took part in the denigration, discrediting and intimidation of the Gagauz people?”

Note: IPN News Agency gives the right of reply to persons who consider they were touched by the news items produced based on statements of the organizers of the given news conference, including by facilitating the organization of another news conference in similar conditions.

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