People expect Moldova to abandon state of oscillation and plead for West

Political analyst Anatol Țăranu said the victory scored by PAS in the recent parliamentary elections marked a new stage in the Moldova politics. In IPN’s public debate “Snap elections 2021: What happened, what can happen at internal level?”, he noted that during 30 years of Independence, Moldova has oscillated between two geopolitical options, one of which is embracing the Western values that, despite all their shortcomings, are clearly superior to the Asian way of perceiving the world that is dominated by Russia.

“In essence, this is a sterile subject as we are Europeans by definition. Another thing is the fact that Russia hopes to restore its spheres of influence and stimulates at multiple levels what can be used to achieve this goal, inclining the ambiguous policies of Chisinau. As a result of these useless oscillations, the political center started to be dominated by the oligarchic class that used the state institutions to satisfy own interests. The collapse of the parties of “the center” is one of the distinctive features of the recent elections,” stated the political analyst.

Anatol Țăranu considers the implementation of the European standards that will improve the living conditions of Moldovans is a tangible objective and it is the duty of the parliamentary majority to take this chance. “Even if the opponents of PAS accuse EU of double standards when it does not guarantee the integration of Moldova into the family of European countries after the EU’s requirements are met, the benefit for the people is evident. We do not know what will happen. Everything depends on the profoundness of the reforms that will be promoted by the pro-European parties in Moldova. It’s yet definite that the European development model can become common for us. The people expect Moldova to abandon the state of oscillation and to head for the West. Romania’s example in this regard is edificatory,” said politic Anatol Țăranu.

The analyst noted that a particular problem existed in the electoral period when deciding the number of polling stations for the diaspora. This issue generated controversy and in a way cast doubt on the impartially of the Central Election Commission. A part of the Moldovan experts spoke about the biased attitude of CEC and the fact that its representatives took decisions in favor of particular election contenders. Things were yet settled and the fact that the opposition leader Igor Dodon recognized the legality of elections shows that there will be no serious pretentions here. The difference between the votes won in elections by PAS and the main opposition forces is so great that it is hard to dispute the results of these elections. Parliament will be thus able to start work soon.

The public debate “Snap elections 2021: What happened, what can happen at internal level?” is the 197th installment of the project “Developing Political Culture through Public Debates” that is implemented by IPN with support from the Hanns Seidel Foundation.

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