PDM: We will oppose coup staged by PSRM-Shor coalition and turncoats

The Democratic Party (PDM) will oppose the coup mounted by the PSRM-Shor coalition and the turncoats who violated the constitutional norms and common sense, IPN reports, quoting a press release of the party.

Deputy Parliament Speaker Monica Babuc, of the PDM, said the new coalition that was legalized in Parliament on Thursday, the “Covid Coalition” formed by the PSRM, the Shor Party and the turncoats, took over power in Moldova’s Parliament practically by a coup, in breach of the Constitution, the law and common sense.

The deputy president of the PDM referred to the bills that they consider were adopted abusively, including the bill to transfer the Security and Intelligence Service from the President’s subordination under the Parliament’s management. She also referred to the affront to the friendship between the people of the Republic of Moldova and the American people by which the “Covid Coalition” transmitted the site of the former Republican Stadium for erecting an unclear education, culture and creativity center on this land that by Law 151/2018 proposed by the Filip Government was intended for a new building of the Embassy of the U.S. in Moldova.

Monica Babuc noted that the bill on the functioning of languages on Moldova’s territory is aimed at realizing the old principle “Devide et impera” and only repeats Law 3465/1989 that was declared outdated by the Constitutional Court. The bills on ATU Gagauzia run counter to provisions of the Constitution.

The MP urged the supporters of the PDM to adopt an appropriate attitude to these anti-constitutional and illegal actions of the PSRM-Shor coalition.

On December 3, the draft state budget law, the draft state social insurance law and the draft law on the mandatory health insurance funds for 2021 were adopted in the first reading, without being debated, in an atmosphere of chaos and altercations. The opposition blocked the central rostrum and the microphone of the Deputy Speaker of Parliament Vlad Batrîncea, who chaired the sitting. Also, the MPs of the Party of Socialists, the Shor Party and the For Moldova Platform adopted the bill to amend and supplement the Code of Audiovisual Media Services, the bill on the functioning of languages spoken on the territory of the Republic of Moldova and the proposal to transfer the SIS from the President’s subordination under the management of Parliament.

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