PDM present country plan “Different Moldova”

The Democratic Party of Moldova (PDM) on April 11 presented a country plan titled “Different Moldova”. They see Moldova as a country in which the young people move to their first home immediately after they start a family, the older persons have decent pensions and medical care on time, while the people go on good roads in villages and towns; in which each settlement has a school, a kindergarten and a cultural and sports center, studies for doctors, teachers, engineers, farmers and people of culture are subsidized, while the businesspeople are helped by the state, IPN reports.

In a news conference, the president of the PDM Pavel Filip said the plan contains measures for all the spheres. For example, the document provides that a family doctor with a salary of up to 35,000 lei will work in each village, 200 new ambulances will be bought and the program “A check for you” with free annual examinations will be launched. To ensure the people’s wellbeing, the Democrats promise the average pension will be doubled, 200 lei a month will be allocated for each child until these turn 18 and the beginner police officers will get a salary of minimum 10,000 lei.

As to national security, the Democrats aim to ensure common control on the border with Romania, to exclude the roaming charges between the two countries and to interconnect them in the electrical energy sector. The withdrawal of the foreign troops from Moldova’s territory and the entry into the EU remain on the agenda. “Romania remains a brother partner, while the U.S. – a strategic partner. We must have good relations with the neighbors, including Ukraine, and with the Russian Federation – a correct relationship based on mutual respect,” stated Pavel Filip.

He noted the program “First House” will be continued, jobs will be created, exports and investments will be increased. The IT sector and innovations will be supported. Agriculture is also an essential objective. It will be supported by such measures as the introduction of a common tax instead of six taxes and the launch of the national program to substitute imports of agrifood products with national products entitled “Buying made in Moldova”.

Pavel Filip noted that if we want to have a healthy economy, all the state services should be digitized during the next two years as the computer does not take bribe. Over the next four years, the VAT rate for the hospitality industry will be decreased to 5%. Teachers’ pays will be raised to 20,000 lei, while the allowance for teaching aids will be doubled. The citizens who will denounce acts of corruption in the judicial system, as a result of which persons will be caught red-handed, will be awarded up to 1 million lei. The “Good Roads” program and the projects to build water supply, lighting and sewerage systems will be continued.

Before the start of the election campaign, the PDM mounted a challenge for the parties and political leaders. “Let’s transform the immediate period into a struggle of ideas, not of statements. Let’s do so that the electoral debates and programs are about projects, ideas and plans. Let’s allow the facts and figures, not the fake news and empty words, to struggle for us. Let’s struggle so as to ultimately build, not destroy and to show to the people that we can be different: sincere, sensible and better. Let’s show that we can build a different Moldova in which each citizen will be proud of having such a country,” was Pavel Filip’s message.

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