PDM could come out of the shadows soon, Nicolae Negru

Editorialist Nicolae Negru said that three months after the parliamentary elections, the Democratic Party is somehow isolated as the Bloc ACUM and the Party of Socialists declare they will not form an alliance with this party. However, the Democratic leaders like this isolation as it advantages them somehow. If snap legislative polls are held, the blame will be automatically shifted onto the two entities that refused to form an alliance with the PDM. The Democratic Party could come out of the shadows soon, IPN reports.

In an interview for RFE/RL’s Moldovan Service, Nicolae Negru said the PDM could come up with a solution as the Democratic leader Vlad Plahotniuc earlier used to announce surprises for society and different categories of Moldovans.

As to the possibility of forming a parliamentary majority, Nicolae Negru said the only solution that remained is that of 2016. “For example, the Democratic Party could say that it wants to form a minority, technocratic or non-technocratic government and could call on the MPs of the other groups or even on the other groups to support this minority Government, as those from ACUM do now. But we were warned by Brussels that a government formed of persons who took part in the banking fraud or a government constituted by insufficiently transparent ways will not be recognized. Consequently, the solution of 2016 cannot be employed. We will see here the ingeniousness of Plahotniuc, if he could offer something new that would meet the democratic standards and the requirements formulated by the European Union. If he manages or not, this is the surprise,” stated the editorialist.

According to him, the political uncertainty cannot be overcome with the voice of President Igor Dodon, who already reached his limits. Surely, Igor Dodon can propose the candidate for Prime Minister, but given this uncertainty, the candidate should be now suggested by the PDM, not someone else. The Parliament Speaker could be a representative of the PSRM as a particular compromise should be yet made.

Four parties entered Moldova’s Parliament after the parliamentary elections of February 24, 2019: the Party of Socialists with 35 seats of MP, the Democratic Party with 30 seats, the Bloc ACUM with 26 seats and the Shor Party with seven seats. Three independents joined in.

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