Pavel Voicu: Movement at night could be banned

The authorities in Moldova could resort to more drastic measures to stop the spread of COVID-19. Minister of Home Affairs  Pavel Voicu said it will be prohibited going out, if only in emergencies and movement at  night, between 11pm and 5am, will be banned. Relevant decisions will be taken the next few days, IPN reports.

“As of today, we must have identification papers on us so as to prove who we are. When going to work or somewhere else, we tell the authorities that we go to work, to the doctor, to the drugstore, if necessary. In other cases, the presence in public places is banned,” Pavel Voicu stated in the talk show “Moldova Live” on the public TV channel Moldova 1.

The official noted that as of March 27, the police will force the population to stay at home if need be.

“This is the first exercise. We will impose restrictions on the movement at night. Yes, it is hard as there is a lot of transport and people. The municipality of Chisinau is particularly active at night. We will try this exercise today and tomorrow so as to explain and to even force the people to go home and not to stay outside without a reason,” stated the minister, adding trips from one locality to another could also be banned.

“The trips will also be banned. I call on our citizens to remain isolated at home and not to travel from one settlement to another. We must try to have less contact or, if we travel to relatives, we must respect the required social distance and disinfect paces.”

Pavel Voicu warned that the police during the next few days will impose fines without providing many explanations.

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