Pavel Midrigan about difficulties in organizing presidential elections

The Republic of Moldova, as many other states, wasn’t ready to deal with the pandemic and, even if some of the measures were late, they were ultimately taken, in accordance with the recommendations of the World Health Organization, jurist Pavel Midrigan, ex-member of the Central Election Commission, said in IPN’s public debate “Elections in times of pandemic: necessity, risks, scenarios, solutions”.

“I think that everything possible was made and continues to be made within our reduced possibilities. I would mention here the unconditional support provided by our partners - Romania, the European Union. They all tried to help us even if they faced the same difficulties as we did. The behavior of people is the biggest problem in this situation, in the fight against this phenomenon,” stated Pavel Midrigan.

“I don’t think it is more dangerous for us, the voters, to go to the polling station than to go to the shop or to travel by trolleybus. This moment is not more dangerous.”

According to the former CEC member, deviations in the electoral process were and will continue to be. The point is how serous they are. “In Moldovan society, the problem of distrust persists. They always say that someone rigs the elections, enters the databases, modifies the figures, etc. I think all these insinuations related to frauds are like a poisoned apple in the absence of evidence. These frauds, if they exist, will be determined by the prosecution bodies, the courts of law. If there is evidence, the irrevocable decisions will be presented to the Constitutional Coot and if those frauds influenced the results, the CC will pronounce,” stated Pavel Midrigan.

According to the jurist, the people are afraid and a part of them will not go to vote owing to the pandemic, especially the elderly people and those with chronic diseases, who face increased dangers. “It is also important that the voters know very well where the polling station is and that they are guided there when they reach the station.”

Pavel Midrigan said it will be good if the authorities offer free public transport on the election day and ensure medical assistance in case of any eventuality. Special protection should be ensured for the electoral functionaries who will be on duty till late at night to count the ballots, to draw upon reports, etc.

The public debate “Elections in times of pandemic: necessity, risks, scenarios, solutions” was the 157th installment of the series “Developing political culture through public debates” that is supported by the Hanns Seidel Foundation.

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