Pavel Filip says in what conditions PDM can form a government coalition

The president of the Democratic Party (PDM) Pavel Filip said the party he leads is ready to discuss the formation of a government coalition, but needs instruments to be able to deliver its promises. Among these instruments are portfolios in the Government. They haven’t yet held discussions with parties about the formation of an eventual government coalition, IPN reports.

“We have a rather pragmatic view about the formation of coalitions. A key aspect is for the PDM to obtain the instruments needed to fulfill its promises. Or why should one aspire to get government tools?” asked Pavel Filip. According to him, these instruments are portfolios in the Government and administrative instruments that enable to implement the electoral program. “If you see that you get the necessary instruments, everything can be justified. If a consensus is not reached to obtain such instruments, I think there is no use forming part of a government coalition,” the Democratic heavyweight stated in the program “Moldova Live” on the public TV channel Moldova 1.

Pavel Filip said the PDM, being in the center of the Moldovan political spectrum, can form coalitions with parties of the left and also with parties of the right. The PDM is ready to have discussions on the formation of a government coalition if the approach is pragmatic. “We haven’t discussed the formation of a parliamentary coalition with the PAS or with the PSRM. It’s true that we weekly have discussions with those from the PSRM, given that we gave a vote of confidence to the current Government, but these discussions center only on draft laws and on the coordination of the parliamentary agenda somehow.”

According to Pavel Filip, the PDM is in a slightly more difficult situation as it is neither in the government, nor in the opposition. It does not form part of a coalition at present and gave its vote of confidence to the Government led by Ion Chicu due to the program this presented. “When you form part of a government coalition, you undertake commitments and vote each bill. In the current situation, we vote what we consider is in line with the interests of the Democratic Party,” stated the Democratic leader.

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